Awards salute Renault’s fleet as second to none

Posted by at 29 May 2013, at 14 : 02 PM

Awards salute Renault’s fleet as second to none

Every car maker yearns to excel over its entire range and not just one or two models that keep the company afloat. This is not always possible with so much competition in the market, but Renault has been rewarded for its’ excellence across the board. Renault offers drivers an affordable, stylish and reliable motor in every model it rolls out of its factory making it an inexpensive and safe way of getting on the road.

This week, two of Renault’s marquee won at the 2013 Fleet World Honours: one for Best Small Car and the other the Technology Award. The judges named the upcoming Renault Clio 4 as the best small car, which is quite an honour in a genre where you would find the class-leading Ford Fiesta as well as the stylish Fiat 500 and the ever-popular Vauxhall Corsa.

2013 Renault Clio 4 black exterior driving in city

The upcoming Clio 4 is a 5-door city car that really sounds like it will tick all the boxes for inner city motoring. First things first, it does what a city car should as it looks the part; it is a thing of beauty with a steep sloping frontage to the gaping chasm at the front, which now adorns the new Renault breed. It is not only supposed to be good-looking, but extremely frugal and easy on the wallet in terms of economy across it’s entire engine range, which is an absolute must for any self-respecting city car.

The second award that Renault snaffled is equally as impressive; the Technology Award. Car manufacturers are ploughing untold riches into the genre of hybrid cars and to come out on top is a special achievement for a car maker not renowned for breaking boundaries. The award went to the Renault Zoe that comes from the French factory and is selling extremely well in Europe compared to its main rival the Nissan Leaf.

2013 Renault ZOE silver exterior driving in city

The Renault Zoe was described by Ross Durkin, Fleet World Managing Editor, as “taking electric motoring to the mainstream”. He showered praise on the hybrid car for being a beautifully-packaged and designed car at a price point that could match more traditional options in the space. Moreover, he believes that the super quick charging and wall charger capability makes Renault’s electric car a sensible choice in the near future for many motorists.

Renault’s sweeping of the awards really highlights an upward turn for the French car maker in a time where innovation is key to survival.

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