Bentley Brooklands 530 HP Full-size luxury car 1920×1080 HD

Posted by at 25 January 2015, at 22 : 58 PM

Car of the day – Bentley Brooklands 530 HP Full-size luxury car 1920×1080 HD

Regardless of the fact that global economy in general and automobile sector in particular is reeling under the pressure of recession, the car makers are really driving out some good vehicles from under their hoods. The Bentley Brooklands is another example of that.

The Bentley Brooklands is packed with power, as it overflows with luxury. Add to this the fact that this is an exclusive model and you are looking at truly a collector’s item. Be warned at the outset – the car is expensive – both to buy and to run. It is priced above $330,000 and is a pure fuel guzzler which means that fuel guzzling tax comes extra. But then, with a Bentley, money has never been a concern. If you want it, there are only 550 to be, so better get your checks written.

The car draws a part of its heritage from the Rolls Royce Seraph. Consider it the respectable child of Arnage sedan and Azure Convertible. It is the car for the rich class. The seating capacity is for four people. Consider that whereas the front legroom is 41.2 and the rear legroom is 37.5: spacious isn’t it! There are air bags for both the front and the rear. In fact, most of the interior is designed to reflect the bygone era of British automotive industry. Interior can be customized because of a wide rage of leathers available, all of which are hand finished.

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