When Is The Best Time To Purchase A New Car?

Posted by at 18 April 2021, at 10 : 45 AM

When Is The Best Time To Purchase A New Car?

A new car is always a great investment, and like many other things in our lives, getting married, bringing up children and even taking out a mortgage – the timing of buying a new car is more important than anything. Why? Because proper timing means financial savings when it comes to closing a deal. The car market has a clear periodicity, with seasonal highs and lows, along with end-of-year models, new upcoming models, holidays, changing currency rates and of course supply and demand. There are other variables to think about: for example new leasing plans and things that were not there just a few months ago as well as buying electric cars and the financing options available for this choice. New financing packages, trade-in offers do not change so frequently but it’s important to know when it could be wise to buy.

Don’t wait until your old vehicle totally dies out

Regardless of the seasons – it is not advisable to wait for your current car to be at the very end of its life. If you travel with the feeling that there is another moment your car is about to die and break down on the side of the road – you will be stressed to replace the car and rush decisions. You must try to reach a calm and focused negotiation. Moreover, trade-ins can easily tell when a car at the end of its life – they will easily detect burnt oil, water vapor, and all the signs your car is destined for nowhere other than the junkyard.

If it is a newer vehicle – keep in mind that the model generation cycles come in threes: three years from the introduction of the new generation there will be a facelift and then another three years for the launch of a general innovation and usually the introduction of a new generation. If you can replace the car before a younger generation arrives – you will gain more value.

At the beginning of the week?

You may have heard this ‘old wives tale’ before but it can actually hold some weight. If you have visited the showrooms lately you have seen that Fridays and Saturdays are the busiest day to visit. Towards the end of the week there is more pressure on salespeople to close deals and therefore you may not be methodical in getting the best deal for you. It may feel like a pressure sale or they may try and up the prices to get better end of week figures. Therefore, it is best to go – and negotiate – at the beginning of the week. When there is time, and not stressed, the negotiations can be thought through well.

The vast majority of salespeople in the country work on a basis and percentage of sales. And most of them are under the pressure of meeting sales targets. However, you could instead try to make life a lot easier and look at online sales and people who sell online. This way you can browse the internet at your own leisure. Whether you want to be a new Ford Bronco Sport or a Chevrolet Silverado 1500, there is a bigger chance you will find what you’re searching for.

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