Rolling Thunder: Building An Impressive Sound System Inside Your Car

Posted by at 1 November 2019, at 16 : 32 PM

Rolling Thunder: Building An Impressive Sound System Inside Your Car

Radios were one of the first features to be added to cars when they were first being introduced to the world. With people spending a long time in these machines, it makes sense that they would want some form of entertainment, and this couldn’t be something which would distract from the road in front of them. Of course, though, while many people like to tune into their favourite stations, modern folks are also partial to listening to their own music when they drive. For this, you may want something more impressive than the stock speakers in your car, and this post will be exploring the steps you’ll need to take to get there.

The Drivers

You may be thinking that a car only needs one driver, though, in the speaker world, a driver is something very different to the person controlling a vehicle. Drivers are the speaker units found in doors and under seats, with most cars have at least two to blast music through. Many companies produce aftermarket examples of drivers which are designed for specific cars, and this can be a great way to choose ones which will work for you. Along with this, you can also find loads of reviews for different drivers around the web.

The Stereo/Amp

Most cars come with a fairly puny stereo which won’t be able to deliver very much power. To change this, you will need to add an amp, like the Alpine PDX on, along with a new head unit which can deal with this much power. While you’re looking at options, it’s worth taking the time to think about the features you want. Some stereos can connect via BlueTooth, and this is great for anyone who uses their smartphone for their listening experience. Along with this, though, it also makes sense to look at some reviews. While audio is subjective, you may be able to find direct comparisons between the stereos you like and the one your car already has.

The Installation

Installing your new parts may take a little bit of work. Some cars require additional pieces of trim to be able to accept new stereos and speakers, and you will also need to know where the wiring will have to go. The web can provide you with this knowledge, and you can find the fascia panels you need on sites like eBay and Amazon, making it incredibly easy to build a sound system which makes your mates feel jealous. You should always take a job like this slowly, ensuring that you don’t damage anything in the process. This is great, as it will also teach you a little bit about the way your car goes together.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to take on the challenge of making your car sing like a bird. A lot of people live with the stock speakers which come with their car, though this can be a disappointing way to enjoy the music you love. To turn this around, it’s well worth putting some time and money into improving your set up.

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