Reasons To Buy A Chrysler 200 Rochester NY

Posted by at 23 October 2019, at 13 : 15 PM

Reasons To Buy A Chrysler 200 Rochester NY

Chrysler may be considered a luxury brand, but the Chrysler 200 is one of the most affordable family sedans that a consumer can buy. Sedans are a favorite among car buyers because of its affordability and function. Aside from practicality, a Chrysler 200 is effortless to drive around town. Despite the competition of sedans in the market, the Chrysler 200 stands out as one of the best to purchase. With its V6 engine and many more features, you won’t get disappointed with this car as your choice.

Here are other compelling reasons to buy a Chrysler 200:

1. Fuel-Efficiency

Car buyers are now more inclined to getting cars that have better fuel efficiency; such a choice caters to their budget and savings. Moreover, choosing a Chrysler 200 also helps drivers reduce one’s carbon footprint, especially if the car they’re going to buy will be used on a daily basis. With the Chrysler 200, car shoppers can rely on its excellent fuel efficiency.

Although all models run on gas, the Chrysler 200 can run efficiently on unleaded gas, which also adds to its practicality. In the city, the Chrysler 200 runs at 23 Miles Per Gallon (mpg). On the highway, it’s at 31-36 mpg. These numbers indicate an impressive distance that the car can travel with one gallon of gas. Because of this fuel efficiency, the car owner will be able to lower the cost of owning a car. That’s savings right there.

2. Spacious Interior

The Chrysler 200 is a spacious vehicle with an impressive interior. Like any other sedan, it can seat five people. With the Chrysler, these passengers don’t only fit inside the car, but can travel comfortably. For its base variant, cloth upholstery for the seats come in as a standard, while leather seats are also available as an upgrade of choice. Adding up to its comfort, the front seats can be automatically adjusted. Moreover, all seats come with excellent heating and ventilation. Because the car will most likely be running under a cold climate, this feature comes as a great advantage come wintertime.

3. Impressive Engine Power

The Chrysler 200 has an impressive engine. This means that when the owner is going to take it on the highway, its power doesn’t disappoint. From its base variant, the base four-cylinder engine already has a strong enough power. Meanwhile, the more powerful V6 is also available for the higher options of the Chrysler 200. With the V6, the following specifications are met:

295 horsepower
0-60 kph in 6.1 seconds
262 pound-feet of torque

With these numbers, it sets to impress even that of its competitor variants. On the highway, this sedan’s strong acceleration is one that’s going to be loved by car owners and enthusiasts. To learn more about the different ranges of the Chrysler 200, visit a dealer nearby. You can also search online to find other quality and affordable Chrysler models such as the Vision Dodge Chrysler Jeep.

Reasons To Buy A Chrysler 200 Rochester NY

4. Great Entertainment System

Another factor that car shoppers are very particular with has to do with the features that come with the vehicle. Commutes are no longer just about getting from point A to point B. It’s also now about enjoying the commute in the best way possible with a great entertainment system.

In light of this, the Chrysler 200 also doesn’t disappoint. Its entertainment system has the following features:

Standard USB port
5-inch or 8.4-inch Uconnect Infotainment System
Four-speaker audio system
Push-button start, and many more features

5. Offers a Smooth Ride

Car enthusiasts especially look for a smooth ride. A smooth ride means that the car can withstand even the most difficult of all terrains. In a sedan, this is still possible. In this case, the Chrysler 200 delivers.

First, the handling is impressive because of the sports-tuned suspension. On twisty and difficult roads, the sedan is also able to withstand this condition through its set of 18-inch tires. If the owner intends to use this sedan for longer drives, it’s going to be as smooth as it can possibly be.


The Chrysler 200 is a vehicle that offers several features to car owners. Its modern interior, powerful engine, and even credibility as a brand in general are some of the many reasons you should buy a Chrysler 200. If you’re going to be spending your hard-earned money on a car, you want to be sure that you’re bringing home a good quality one. With the Chrysler 200, there’s sure to be no regrets.

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