Insurance Companies Not Paying Up? How To Afford A Car Accident Uninsured

Posted by at 13 January 2017, at 18 : 18 PM

Insurance Companies Not Paying Up? How To Afford A Car Accident Uninsured

You’ve had a crash – but you’re not liable for an insurance claim. This may simply be because you were the perpetrator and you only have third party. Or maybe your insurance company is being difficult, claiming you weren’t fast enough to make a claim or gave insufficient evidence. Either way, you shouldn’t have to give up driving just because the insurance companies wouldn’t pay up. Repairing the damage will be expensive, but there are ways to cut costs as detailed below.

Take legal action

You are in your right to take an insurance company to court. Just be aware that depending on the complexity of your case, this could take some time.

Alternatively, you may be eligible to make a personal injury claim if you were hurt during the accident. There are many specific companies that deal with personal injury claims (you can check out Dodge Jones Injury Law Firm as an example) that may be able to win you a sum of money to pay for recovery costs.

Shop around for repairs

When approaching places to repair your car, shop around for the best rate. Different mechanics will charge differently. Read online reviews on Yelp, ask friends and family members and get different estimates. Whilst a low price is what you ideally want, be careful of jumping on bargains that are too good to be true. You don’t want to end up with a botch job from an amateur – take into account certification such as ASE and AAA approval so that you know what you’re getting into.

Don’t bother with a hire car

Whilst your car is getting repaired, you’ll need to arrange alternative transport. Consider whether you really need a hire car, or whether it would cheaper to take public transport in the meantime. You may even be able to get someone else to give you a lift. Weigh up your cheapest option to avoid adding to your spendings.

Know when to cut your losses

With serious crashes on cheap vehicles, the cost of repair may be the equivalent of getting a new car. If this is the case, you should cut your losses and buy a new vehicle. Take your old crashed vehicle to a local scrapyard – some places will even pay you to scrap your vehicle.

Tackle your increased insurance premiums

An accident will result in your insurance fees dramatically increasing, whether or not you were the one that caused the accident. There are two ways in which you can deal with this. The first is to take measures to reduce your existing premium. This could involve an advanced driving course. The second measure is to look for another insurance company that can offer you a cheaper deal. Shop around on comparison sites, or switch from first party to third party. If you own a company, you may be able to register your car as a company car and reduce the insurance this way. Alternatively, as a more extreme measure, you could adopt a black box!

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