6 Car Maintenance Tasks You Can DIY

Posted by at 13 December 2022, at 07 : 02 AM

6 Car Maintenance Tasks You Can DIY

Cars are becoming increasingly expensive thanks to new features and tech advancements. However, if you frequent the auto shop so much that your mechanic is thinking of naming the place after you, you may have to make some changes. Fortunately, the most basic DIY auto maintenance can take a lot of pressure off your wallet. If you have a few tools and wouldn’t mind getting some grease on your hands, here are six car maintenance tasks you can DIY.

Tire rotation

Your tires link your car to the road, and rotating them improves your driving experience. Rotate your tires at least twice yearly to extend their life and ensure even wear. Fortunately, you can do this at home with a jack, some stands, and the wrench which came with your vehicle. Some tires are directional, meaning you can only rotate them to the same side as the vehicle. Also, some staggered wheel setups may not enable tire rotation, depending on your alignment settings. In this case, you may have to replace a pair of tires sooner.

Wiper blade replacement

Consider replacing your wiper blades every six to twelve months. You can use a wiper reference guide available at most auto parts shops or measure the windshield wiper blade to determine the correct size. When shopping online, ensure to get the correct blades for your car. There is a simple trick to do this. Raise the wipe arms from the windshield, cover the glass with a blanket or thick towel and install the blade. The blanket or thick towel will save your windshield from breaking if you mistakenly drop your bare arms onto it. You can also find the installation instruction on the back of the wiper blade package.

Change the fuses

Worn-out fuses in your automobile can cause a lot of problems. From a broken turn signal to a constantly blaring horn and your car failing to start. Fuses are components of your vehicle’s electrical system that are meant to blow out before an electrical issue damages more expensive elements. Replacing them is simple; the difficult part is determining which fuse has blown. Check your owner’s handbook to locate your fuse box and begin testing the fuses one by one. Because most fuses are in clear glass or plastic, you only need to inspect them to see whether there is a break inside the fuse.

Clean the battery terminals

It is easy to conclude that you need a new battery when your batteries keep dying. But have you inspected your battery terminals? They are susceptible to corrosion, and rusty terminals can strain your charging system, requiring you to replace your automobile batteries in the long run. You can clean your terminals using a wire brush, baking soda, and water solution if they are rusted. You might have to replace your terminals if they won’t clasp firmly or the copper cable that connects them has green corrosion. Terminals are cheap and should take roughly an hour to replace yourself.

Spark plugs replacement

Replacing damaged spark plugs may significantly enhance your engine’s efficiency and performance. It is simple enough to accomplish at home using common hand tools. If your car has a greater mileage, it may be time to replace the spark plugs. A new set can help your ignition system work smoothly, and they are simple to replace and inexpensive to purchase at your local auto parts shop. You must follow the instructions in your owner’s handbook. It is okay to enhance but avoid downgrading from the manufacturer’s factory specifications. This will reduce performance and potentially lead to problems with sister parts or the engine itself.

Oil change

One of the most vital fluids for your vehicle’s engine is oil. Motor oil degrades and becomes less efficient at lubricating essential engine components over time and miles. That is why it is critical to regularly change the oil in your engine. You should change your automobile oil after at least 5,000 miles. Change your oil filter too, when replacing your motor oil. This can be messy but not impossible to do on your own. After completing your first oil change, subsequent ones should be easy, saving you more money.

Completing the simplest maintenance tasks can save you good cash. You can also refer to online resources if you need original manuals or info on replacement parts. For instance, Ford Manual can provide you with original car manuals and Mustang parts catalogs to identify parts for maintenance or repairs.

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