Car Makes and Models Most Likely to Be Pulled Over

Posted by at 7 February 2021, at 11 : 03 AM

Car Makes and Models Most Likely to Be Pulled Over

Anyone who has felt like they were standing still when a high-performance, six-figure sports car raced by has asked the same question. How many tickets do they get? Are there extra compartments in Ferraris and Maseratis just for citations? What are the car makes and models most likely to be pulled over?

Below Average Price, Above Average Tickets

Most tickets aren’t earned by the Porsches of the world. Instead one brand dominates the list of owners who have the most speeding tickets. Turns out, the Dodge is terrible at dodging tickets. With its focus on performance, the brand has attracted more than its share of lead-footed drivers.

According to Insurify, the brand logs four cars in the top ten “Car Models with the Most Speeding Tickets.” Leading the way is the low-priced Dart –– whose drivers may dart down the freeway, but can’t seem to dart past a radar gun. Over 15% of Dart drivers admit to getting a speeding violation –– which is a ticket earning rate one-third higher than average.

The Challenger’s debut on the 2020 list (at number seven) could owe a bit to marketing itself as an adrenaline-fueled ride. Brand brethren, the Charger and the Ram 2500, follow at number eight and nine respectively.

Nissan can take credit for two entries on the list –– and the automaker’s entries are hardly shocking. At number ten, the 350Z, which is marketed as a lower-priced alternative to sports cars like Ferrari and Maserati. In fact, the number four car for tickets is the automaker’s luxury iteration, the Infiniti G37. Although it has been discontinued, its drivers didn’t discontinue getting tickets as they pushed the limits in their $33,000 sports car.

The car described as “fun to look at and to drive,” the Hyundai Veloster represents the automaker’s only entry on the top ten at number six. Also with a single entry, the penultimate Volkswagen GTI boasts over 17% of its drivers reporting a speeding violation –– enough to earn it the number two spot.

Despite its reputation for practicality and popularity with drivers accustomed to snow and sleet, the auto darling of Tokyo, Japan’s Fuji Heavy Industries earns two spots on the top ten list. That’s right, those staid Subaru drivers are actually closeted speed freaks. Subaru Impreza owners landed at number three, despite the company lauding its reliability and sensibility. And at number one, the Subaru WRX. A whopping one out of five WRX owners admit to getting a speeding violation. Researchers at Insurify wonder if all those safety features make drivers feel safer speeding.

High-End Tickets

Of course there are other ways to examine which car makes and models are most likely to be pulled over. Instead of querying drivers, one study collected almost 1,000 speeding citations. While the size and location of the study means it doesn’t necessarily apply nationwide, it does have some interesting conclusions.

According to the study, the Mercedes Benz SL-Class convertible led the field with the car 400% more likely to be given a ticket! The color most ticketed according to the study? Red.

In the late spring of 2020 as roadways emptied out due to lockdowns and other restrictions, driver’s speeds increased. In Los Angeles, for example, cars were driving over one-third faster on many streets. On a single day in March, automated speed cameras in New York City issued almost 25,000 speeding tickets –– nearly double the number they had the month before!

Whether the roads are clear or not, speed increases risk. If you’re the victim of a speed-related accident, you could have a legal claim. Talking to a skilled attorney, like the professionals at The Nye Law Group, is an important first step. Remember, no matter how much fun it might seem at the time, speeding is dangerous for both you and for those around you.

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