Chevrolet Camaro SS Tuned by Stillen 1920×1080 HD

Posted by at 11 March 2013, at 20 : 06 PM

Car of the day – Chevrolet Camaro SS Tuned by Stillen 1920×1080 HD

This beautiful white exterior 5th generation Chevrolet Camaro SS is modified by Stillen components. The new looks features STILLEN Camaro SS Lip Spoiler which adds aggressive styling while keeping the flow and design of the new body style. Also, features the urethane splitter, lower grille ducts, side skirts and rear wing add a distinctive, customized edge to the already striking retro styling of the Camaro.

STILLEN has been creating urethane products in this fashion for over 20 years, and these featured parts on the Camaro are no exception. As with all urethane components, parts come with a limited lifetime warranty against cracking or breaking under normal use.

It’s a very nice looking Camaro SS. White exterior’s colors fits black rims just perfectly. The new tune adds additional great looks, and it makes this car even more noticeable than it is already.

Stillen Urethane Side Skirts price starts from around 498,00 USD ($) or 382,00 EUR.

Stillen Urethane Front Splitter price starts from around 212,00 USD ($) or 163,00 EUR.

Stillen Urethane Rear Spoiler price starts from around 187,00 USD ($) or 143,00 EUR.

All prices of new modifications can be found on the Stillen official website. You can make your Camaro SS look even better than it is already by ordering new parts and by changing its looks in a good way.

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