Cooper Tyres Care Tips For Minimising Costly Replacements And Repair

Posted by at 5 September 2013, at 16 : 40 PM

Cooper Tyres Care Tips For Minimising Costly Replacements And Repair

Most people these days accomplish many of their daily demands using their cars. For parents, their usual routine is to take the children to school, head off to work, pick the children up from school later that day, drop by the grocer and then head on home. Single folks, on the other hand, pretty much go about the same routine but replace the child-related tasks with social meet-ups. But because of how routinely things can get, many of them tend to neglect the maintenance needs of the vehicles they frequently use to get from one place to another, and this usually leads to pricey repairs and replacement of parts.

When it comes to car parts, tyres are particularly highly prone to wear and tear, especially if drivers do not know the proper way of caring for them. The tricks are rather simple, though, and according to car service professionals, following a few simple rules all the time can prolong the quality of the “rubbers” — this can automatically translate to big savings since tyre replacements will not be a frequent thing and other car parts quality can be preserved longer as well. Even incredibly durable Cooper Tyres (which are not cheap because they are made of the toughest materials and developed using the finest and latest technology) need proper care too, because their functional lifespan can be reduced substantially without it.

Cooper Tyres check pressure regularly

One of the most important care tips is to make sure that the tyres have the correct pressure; it’s vital for balanced braking, maximum grip and tyre life. Under-inflated tyres increase fuel consumption, can mess with vehicle control, and prematurely wear out the edges. Meanwhile, over-inflated tyres create an uncomfortable ride, reduced grip, and can cause the centre to wear out.

Another care tip is regular cleaning because build-up of dirt does not only compromise safety but it also affects the quality of the material. It’s imperative to check if there’s dirt that can puncture the tyres as well; patch-up jobs can be costly too, so it’s better to not have to deal with that by making sure that tyres are clean.

Cooper Tyres burnout tyre damage with mustang

The third tip that can extend the mileage of tyres is by having them rotated every 11,000 kilometres or so; doing this will ensure that they wear evenly. Ditto with making sure that the tyres are properly aligned.

And lastly, investing in a set of mag wheels, NZ car experts say, is a sound idea as well because they are known to properly dissipate heat from braking and alleviate pressure on the rubber tyres. Christchurch car service professionals also add that these wheels can enhance the performance of other vehicle parts, making them less prone to costly damages.

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