Average Costs For Common Car Repairs

Posted by at 30 December 2017, at 20 : 42 PM

Average Costs For Common Car Repairs

Every car owner will have to take their vehicle in for repairs at some point, but the task remains something that we all dread. We’re all used to that look on the mechanic’s face; the one that tends to read: “this is going to cost you a fortune”. Due to this, most car owners are more than a little worried every time we have to take a car in to be looked over.

What may help to stem the concern is to learn a little about the most basic repairs that cars need, and get an idea as to what they should cost. This will help you be more confident about what to expect from a trip to the auto-shop, and guarantee you’re always able to find a good deal too.

Bear In Mind…

* Prices fluctuate throughout the country; the prices stated below are a rough guide, not definitive.
* Prices may be higher in the case of extended warranties being offered, so always check exactly what is being done to your vehicle when comparing prices.


All reputable auto-shops like Lex Brodie’s will offer an alignment, and it’s a fix that most car owners will have to experience at some point. An alignment is an adjustment to the suspension of your vehicle, and is essential for keeping you safe on the road.

You should expect to pay around $75 – $200 for an alignment, depending on the vehicle type and warranty. If you are quoted more, it’s worth shopping around to see if you can lower the cost.

Brake Pad Replacement

Brake pads are one of the areas most liable to suffer damage on your car, falling victim to wear and tear incredibly easily. If your brake pads need replacing, it’s essential you undertake this task as soon as possible– neglecting this maintenance can compromise the safety of your vehicle.

Replacing the brake pads costs anywhere from $100 to $300 per axle. Again, the make and model of your car will decide the final price, but this is a helpful starting point.

Catalytic Converter Replacement

A catalytic converter replacement is a common car repair, and one you can’t afford to overlook– but sadly, it’s also incredibly expensive. You should expect to pay over $1,000 for this fix, so it’s essential that you weigh up the pros and cons of the work– it may be cheaper to just invest in a new vehicle if you experience this issue.

Replacing Ignition Coils / Spark Plugs

Ignition coils and spark plugs are, like the brake pads, liable to experience excessive wear and tear during general usage. There are a variety of symptoms that can suggest ignition coil or spark plug issues, and it’s important to act upon these warning signs if you experience them.

Thankfully, replacement isn’t too expensive, but it will still cost anywhere between $200 and $300 to get your back on the road.

In Conclusion

Cars are expensive. The purchase price is high, the insurance costs can be substantial, and you will always need to maintain a repairs fund for older vehicles. Hopefully, the information above can help provide some insight into the amount of cash you will need to find to fix the most common issues.

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