Crazy police chase in Russia – chasing mad truck driver

Posted by at 31 August 2014, at 21 : 39 PM

Crazy police chase in Russia – chasing mad truck driver

Not so long ago, a crazy police chase happened in Russia. A truck driver was involved in a collision with a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and tried to escape, but the police started to chase him.

Around 90 shots were fired during the chase, and the chase went for an estimated 150 km. They landed most of their ammunition on the fuel tank, because they wanted it to run out of fuel. They also shot out as many tires as they could.

The footage (video below) of crazy police chase in Russia has been released by the police. Now, you can watch it here (or on YouTube) and see it by yourself.

Check out the footage below:

After you’ve watched the video, you may wonder why they were throwing rocks at the truck. The answer would be very simple – to shatter the windshield and making it harder for the driver to see.

All that shooting and throwing rocks were effective because they did catch the runner, but maybe their strategy could’ve been better? Why chase someone like that on a road with traffic… you’re basically pushing the person into provoking an accident. Organize a roadblock, track them via satellite, follow them from a distance in a civilian car… then strike when the vehicle eventually stops. It’s not like the supposed criminal teleports off the face of the planet if they pretend to let him get away for a few minutes, just to respect public safety.

Same with shooting through the window. They could have hit an innocent driver that way! In the US there’s occasional news of police killing bystanders by mistake, because they can’t help shooting a gun whenever they chase someone.

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