So You Decided to Buy a New Car: Here’s What You Need to Know

Posted by at 30 June 2017, at 10 : 35 AM

So You Decided to Buy a New Car: Here’s What You Need to Know

Ol’ Reliable: the compact little sportscar you’ve had since your college days that holds an immense amount of sentimental value — but is starting to get a little rusty. It broke down after driving half a mile away from home; its back bumper has nearly fallen off, and no amount of car washes could make it shine like it used to in the ‘80s. You know what time it is: time to buy a new car!

Whether you’re buying a new or used car, purchasing your next vehicle is no walk in the park. Especially for those who aren’t exactly experts on the automotive world, sometimes our only option is to refer to some sources of assistance to properly equip us with the necessary seek out help so we’re able to make a decision that is financially smart while also fulfilling everything we’re looking for. Instead of believing firmly in your own concrete and fully sufficient knowledge on all things automotive based solely off the car magazine you keep (but never read) on your coffee table, you decide to weigh your options seeking outside help in the decision-making process of finding a car to replace sweet Ol’ Reliable.

So here’s what we’re looking at:

1. A SLEAZY CAR DEALERSHIP. There’s a lot of pros to going in to see a prospective car in person, but what proves to be the ultimate downfall of used car dealerships is the car dealers themselves. Let’s face it, these guys are in it for the sales. They’ll actually hide inadequacies about a car to be able to place it at a higher selling value. And nine times out of ten, automotive issues aren’t exactly visible outside of the underside or hood of the car — so a buyer could walk away with a car totally oblivious to his near future of frequent and pricey repairs. A dealer’s primary agenda is to suck all the money he can out of you, having you walk away with a car that has a bunch of high-tech gizmos and gadgets — but fulfills absolutely none of the requirements you needed for a safe and energy-efficient car. I know what you’re thinking: you think your negotiation skills can get you out of this issue? Sure, dealerships are good for those of us that have amazing haggling skills — but this skill works both ways. In other words, dealers have ways to sway you towards a price point he wants just as much as you coming forward with a particular figure in mind. The influence we can have on a seller from a buyer’s perspective works twice over as a sleazy car dealer convincing an oblivious and vulnerable buyer looking to buy his next car.

2. ONLINE AUTOMOTIVE DATABASE. So, the helpful thing about researching online is that information is very clearly organized and presented so that side-by-side comparisons are made possible when deciding between your possible options. You’re also not talking to a person that has a financially-fueled agenda, so there’s no fabrication of stats that deem it loads more expensive than it should be. Going to a dealership in person requires you to work on the dealer’s schedule, whereas doors never close online. You can search through an immense pool of vehicles any time of day, week, month, or year, 24/7. That being said, however, researching online sucks for the most obvious reason: you’re online! In no way, shape, or form can you sit in the driver’s seat and smell the seat upholstery, you can’t kick the tires before making a final decision, and there’s absolutely no way you’d be able to test drive it out.

So here’s where we’re at: more or less, both your options are equal in pros and cons. Both present extremely practical perks to car buying, but also come with some heavy downsides. What if there existed a marriage of these options that optimized all the pros of your potential resources — while also eliminating the aforementioned downsides? is a dependable, in-depth and precisely accurate resource to refer to throughout the search for your next vehicle that comes with no coercion from sleazy car dealers to invest in a vehicle that is far from meeting your needs. It also gives you accurate information on the pros and cons of your potential options, allowing users the option to decide between detailed side-by-side comparisons, providing multiple outlets for car buying advice depending on your individual needs, and referring you to local dealerships that sell your dream car.

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