6 Decisions You Can Make That Will Lead To A Safer Experience On The Road

Posted by at 14 June 2019, at 22 : 37 PM

6 Decisions You Can Make That Will Lead To A Safer Experience On The Road

Choices! We get to make hundreds of them every day, such as whether to forward that funny email to the rest of the office or have that extra pump of hazelnut syrup in our coffee. However, few are as important than the ones related to our experience on the road. After all, for the vast majority of us, this is (thankfully) the only life or death situation we are regularly in. Of course, what that means is more than anywhere else in life, the choices we make when it comes to our vehicles, our driving, and our experience on the road must be wise ones. Something you can find more out about in the post below.

Do choose your car carefully.

When it comes to driving, you can’t do it without a vehicle. In fact, driving were we humans (for now) control our vehicle on the road. What this means is that the piece of machinery that you are piloting will make a difference to your experience and its safety.

In particular, choosing a new car model will give you the best chance of safety. The reason being that they often have the most up to date safety features, something that is evolving all of the time.

Of course, currently, the safest new cars on the market like the Nissan Leaf and the Ford Focus all have things like ABS brakes, driver and passenger airbags. While some also have even more high tech options like driver assist which monitors fatigue and so minimizes human error as well as an automatic emergency braking.

Don’t travel if the weather isn’t good.

6 Decisions You Can Make That Will Lead To A Safer Experience On The Road

Now, I’m not saying that if there is a light drizzle you shouldn’t go out in your car. That would be ridiculous. Instead, the key message here is that if you want to have a safe experience on the road, you will need to pay attention to weather and road conditions.

For example, icy roads can be incredibly dangerous, mainly when drivers are unable to discern that there is a frozen patch in front of them and so lose control of their vehicle. Of course, fitting our vehicle with the right kind of tires can help, but unless your journey is absolutely essential, it’s much better to take yourself off the road until conditions have improved. Both for your own safety and the safety of other road users around you.

Do pay attention to other drivers and road users.

While we are speaking of other road users, paying attention to what they are doing, thinking ahead, and driving defensively are all ways that you can minimize the risk to yourself and your vehicle when you are on the road.

In particular, many road users choose not to indicate when they are turning, taking an exit, or even leaving a roundabout. Something that can be incredibly dangerous if you are not keeping a close eye on them intending to predict their behavior.

Additionally, it is imperative that as a car driver, you also pay close attention to the behavior and movement of other road users, including horse riders, cyclists, and pedestrians. After all, they do not have the luxury of being protected with a car’s hard shell, and therefore, any accident involving them can be incredibly dangerous.

Don’t forget that your car is a machine and so needs to be serviced regularly.

One thing that you must not forget when it comes to having a safe driving experience is that your car is a sophisticated and advanced machine, and as such it absolutely needs to be taken care of in the correct way.

On a fundamental level, this means looking after the critical systems well including the engine, wheels, and brakes. In fact, regular engine and brake repair are some of the most effective actions you can take to ensure your vehicle is as safe as possible to drive. Something that also means you need to know how to spot a fault as soon as it occurs as well.

It is also essential that you use the best type of fuel and oil in your car as well if safety is a prime concern. The reason being that by providing excellent quality fuel your engine is likely to run much more smoothly, and so not only last for a long time without any issues that threaten safety, but also be more responsive to your demands as well.

Do follow the road signs and markings.

Yes, I know that we all have SatNav now, either built into our cars or available on our phones. However, as anyone that has been using such devices for any length of time knows, they are not always 100% infallible. What this means is that it is best not to switch off to the environment around you and not only focus on what your SatNav is saying.

6 Decisions You Can Make That Will Lead To A Safer Experience On The Road

In fact, if you want to remain as safe as possible during your travels, it is crucial that you pay attention to signs and road markings. In particular, road markings that indicate which lane you need to be in are essential for safety, as are signs dictating speed limits. After all, it’s much better to arrive at your destination a little late, than never get the change to arrive there at all!

Do make an effort to improve your driving skills.

Finally, it is also essential that you maximize your skills and confidence as a driver if you want to stay safe on the road. In fact, if you are content enough to know how to handle a situation that is less than ideal, it can make all the difference should one arise.

Of course, to boost your confidence, you may choose to take part in courses that offer defensive or safety-focused driving skills after you have passed your initial test. In fact, even getting as much practice in on the type of roadways that concern you such as motorways can just give you the edge when it comes to a situation that could threaten your safety.

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