Devel Sixteen with 5000 hp and 560 km/h top speed!

Posted by at 6 November 2013, at 21 : 45 PM

Devel Sixteen with 5000 hp and 560 km/h top speed!

Recently, a new supercar has been revealed at the 2013 Dubai Motor Show. This new supercar is called “Devel Sixteen”, and if all those facts about the new supercar are right, the Devel Sixteen must be a new superstar in the world of supercars.

Devel Sixteen exterior

The Devel Sixteen has a 7.2-liter V16 engine with four-turbochargers. This engine can produce up to 5000 hp (3677 kW) and can reach a top speed of 560 km/h (347 mph). This car can also accelerate from 0 to 60 mph (~0-100 km/h) in 1.8 seconds.

Devel Sixteen 5000 hp engine

Yes, the stats above have been claimed by the company behind this mind blowing supercar. However, we definitely can’t say how much of the truth can be found in those claims, because this is just the information from the makers, and this car hasn’t been tested yet. So basically it means that the current information is just words without any proof.

Devel Sixteen 2013 Dubai Motor Show

The 7.2-liter V16 engine and acceleration of 0-60 mph might be not that big of the deal, but 5000 hp and that ridiculous top speed raises a lot of doubts. However, we can’t say that these claims are false or something like that. One thing is for sure, I’ll start to believe in this when this information will be official and proved.

Devel Sixteen interior

Visually, the Devel Sixteen looks really crazy. Even by just looking at the car you can think that this must be some serious automobile. Well, actually if all those claims about its specifications are 100% right, you definitely can think that this car is the most serious supercar in the world.

Devel Sixteen 0-60 mph in 1.8 seconds, top speed 560 kmh

We’re looking forward to hearing more about this supercar. This car definitely has made a lot of attention. 🙂

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