Don’t Get Ripped Off Buying a Used Car with These Tips

Posted by at 28 July 2023, at 05 : 33 AM

Don’t Get Ripped Off Buying a Used Car with These Tips

Unfortunately, it can be all too easy to get ripped off buying a used car or, indeed, a new one. Vigilance, such as test driving and going over the paperwork, will help. Here are some tips.

Ask About Previous Damage

Vehicles get into all kinds of scrapes, bumps, and collisions. And these can severely depreciate the value of a car, even after a reliable repair job has been done. This is known as diminished value and affects the car’s overall value. So you should always take the time to ask about any damage and repair work the vehicle has had. If you later find out about this, speak to an experienced lawyer before filing a claim against a seller who didn’t inform you if you asked.

Request a Test Drive

A car can look great. But it’s how it feels that should really be the decider. You can get a good understanding of how a car should feel just by reading about the model and manufacturer. So it’s always a good idea to request a test drive to make sure everything is OK. Of course, it may not be possible to buy from an individual, with some good reasons. But always walk away from a dealer who refuses a test drive as this isn’t normal and could indicate they aren’t being honest.

Beware of Buying a Used Car Off the Web

Online sales are pretty big when it comes to cars, mostly because of how easy it is. But it’s also easy to be scammed online. Even in relatively small countries such as the UK, there are 30,000 online car sales per year. But anyone can say anything online, right? This is why you should always visit an individual to check the car or a dealership. You could even buy a car that doesn’t exist! In any case, you will be either left out of pocket or sorely disappointed with your car.

Check the Legal Writing

It is vital that you thoroughly read and understand any buying agreement between either you and an individual or a dealership. If you think you may have an issue, take someone with you. Better yet, if you have a lawyer as a friend or family member, ask them to come along because many agreements have a ton of legal jargon that can be hard to understand. And in almost all cases, it works in the favor of the seller. And NEVER take a verbal agreement as legally binding.

Don’t Take a Seller’s Word for It

There are many things a seller can lie to you about when you buy a car. From the owner’s history and repairs to even promising work after delivery. You need documented paperwork for all of these, especially for promised repairs. This is a common tactic in car selling, and more often than not, the promised work is never done. So never take a seller’s word for it, and request all agreements in writing, as is your right as a consumer, even between common individuals.


Buying a used car is sometimes disagreeable, to say the least, and you can get ripped off. Always ask about previous damage, be aware of web scams, and get everything in writing.

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