False car myths – the truth can be discovered in here

Posted by at 20 June 2013, at 21 : 26 PM

False car myths – the truth can be discovered in here

These days you can find and see many false car myths on the internet. Some of them are not just false car myths, but some of them are even funny at some point. Some myths are just for making more money of people who own cars. So don’t believe everything to be true if you’re not sure about it, or it’s not some legit source of information.

We’re not going to explain each myth in details, but some will be explained detailed and why these are false car myths.

False car myths about automobiles oil

For example, there is a myth of changing your cars oil every 3000 miles. In reality that is absurd in most ways. For example, synthetic oils can last up to 15000 miles. Sure that doesn’t mean that you should change your oils after 15000 miles. The normal thing would be to change it once a year or after at least 10000 miles or little more but definitely not every 3000 miles.

False car myths about warming your car up before driving

Another myth says that you should warm up your car’s engine before you drive. Once again it’s one of the false car myths. You absolutely don’t need to do that, unless it’s winter, and your car stays outside, so you might want to warm it up while cleaning your icy windows. Normally you can start your engine, and you can start driving immediately all the time.

False car myths about high-octane gasoline

Yet another myth says that high-octane gasoline is better for your engine. High-compression engines, for example, in sport cars, require high-octane gas, so it’s definitely better to put higher-octane gasoline instead of lower to a car like that. For regular cars you don’t need the highest-octane gasoline, it makes no difference for your engine, and it won’t do anything for your car anyways.

False car myths about red cars

Now, one myth about that red cars cost more to insure is a funny one. It makes no difference what’s the color of your car. It can be black, blue, or white, or whatever kind of color. When you buy insurance for a car, they don’t ask you what is the color of your car. Even if they would, that would make no difference to the price in any way. Don’t know who spread this funny myth, but it’s definitely kind of a stupid myth.

And for the last part, here is a bunch of false car myths that you should ignore in most ways or to consult with a specialist if you need some true information about it: If the brake fluid is low, topping it off will fix the problem; After a jump-start, your car will soon recharge the battery; Dishwashing and laundry detergents make a good car wash; A dealership must perform regular maintenance to keep your car’s factory warranty valid; Flush the coolant with every oil change; Inflate tires to the pressure shown on the tire’s sidewall; All old cars were slow and inexpensive; 1950s cars were the best ever built; Put your tailgate down for better mileage; Your hair streams back in a convertible.

There are plenty other misleading and false car myths out there, but more will be the next time. Stay around for more false car myths.

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