Flying BMW M3 E36: One of the most craziest jumps ever

Posted by at 19 June 2014, at 11 : 35 AM

Flying BMW M3 E36: One of the most craziest jumps ever

Less than two days ago, we posted a video about one of the most craziest races ever. Today, we have another crazy video, but this time it is about one of the most craziest jumps ever. But we could call it one of the most craziest races ever as well, because this happened during a race. We have a different name for it, though.

This time, you will see a flying BMW. Yes, we call it a flying BMW, because this car can fly! Well, at least for a few seconds. 😀

Sit tight and enjoy the show, because you’re about to see some crazy stuff. Check out the video below.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the show. Don’t try to do something like this with a regular car, because a regular car would be damaged badly even with a perfect landing without flipping at least 5 times or something like it.

We don’t know what kind of suspension this flying BMW has, but sure the car is one serious racing machine. To be able to survive a jump like this, your car must be pretty legit.

Another surprising thing is that the driver of this flying BMW must be really good or he is one lucky man. During the same race, another racer made the same jump with another car (not a BMW). Another racer had either a bad luck or his skills wasn’t so good to handle a jump like this. Another racer crashed his car pretty badly. No one died, though. 🙂

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Flying BMW M3 E36 landed on the ground perfectly

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