How to avoid a car accident

Posted by at 17 June 2020, at 12 : 48 PM

How to avoid a car accident

We all want to drive safely and avoid car accidents. We don’t want to put ourselves or our loved ones at risk. While some accidents aren’t avoidable and aren’t our fault (in which case, see these New Jersey auto accident attorneys) generally, there are several ways to make car accidents less likely. So, how can you try to avoid a car accident?

Avoid distractions

Drivers can easily be distracted. You might be having an in-depth discussion with your friend in the passenger seat, or your kids might be bored in the back. Alternatively, you might be distracted by re-navigating your satnav, or something on the radio. Worst case scenario, your phone buzzes and you respond. This is against the law and is incredibly irresponsible. So, while your car might be full of distractions, learn to tune them out and focus on the road.

Use your lights

Many car accidents occur when the driver can’t see the road properly. This might happen in bad weather conditions or on dark country roads. Not being able to see ice on the road could cause your car to skid. Cars are equipped with different lights to deal with different conditions, so learn which ones to use in all scenarios. It makes a difference.

Look behind you

Unfortunately, many drivers get into bad habits, especially if they’ve been driving for many years and become complacent. One of the most common bad habits is not looking behind when reversing. Sometimes, people think that using their mirrors is enough. It isn’t. Look behind you when you’re reversing. People can pop out with less than a moment’s notice, and you can easily miss hazards when you’re not paying attention.

Don’t tailgate

There’s nothing more annoying than a driver who tailgates. Tailgating is when you drive too close to the car in front, not leaving an adequate space between you. It’s incredibly dangerous, as you need at least a two second time gap between you and the car in front, in case it stops suddenly. This should be double in poor weather conditions. While a slow driver ahead can be a little annoying, especially if you’re running late, tailgating causes further problems. You won’t be able to react in time if they stop suddenly, and you’ll just make them tense and nervous – making an accident more likely.

Know the signs

Do you know what all the road signs mean, and how you should respond? Unfortunately, many drivers don’t. We learn them before taking our driving test and many people quickly forget. But road signs are used for a reason. They alert us to hazards, and it’s important to know what all of them mean.

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