How to improve gas mileage on your vehicle

Posted by at 25 July 2014, at 23 : 29 PM

How to improve gas mileage on your vehicle

It is impossible to pick up a news paper, turn on the radio or television, or to listen to office conversation at the water cooler without hearing about the high price of gasoline these days. Everywhere you turn people are talking about the impact that the high gas prices is having on their household finances. Many people have to find a way to adjust their budgets to accommodate for the rising costs.

In this article, we have 15 WORKING tips on how to improve gas mileage on your vehicle!

Tips for improving your gas mileage

1. Make sure your car is well tuned.
2. Do not carry any extra weight in your trunk.
3. Adjust your tire pressure to the maximum amount.
4. Reduce trips to the grocery store and for small errands.
5. Consider taking the bus to work at least once a week.
6. Consider car pooling with neighbours and friends who work in the same area as you.
7. Shop for a gas rebate credit card.
8. Think about trading your vehicle in for a hybrid or smaller car that consumes less gas mileage.
9. Don’t leave your car idling, when you can turn your motor off.
10. Do not drive at high speeds, as your car will use much more gas than at lower speeds.
11. Buy your gas after 7:00pm as prices can be lower at that time of day, and don’t buy gas on weekends and especially before and during holidays or long weekends.
12. Do not use your air conditioner on warm days when ever possible.
13. Window sun reflectors can reduce car interior heat, and reduce air conditioner requirements.
14. Change your schedule to avoid sitting in traffic and long idling of your motor.
15. Walk or bicycle to work in the summer and get some exercise at the same time.

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