Jelacy Ramirez & Black Nissan GT-R meet 1920×1080 HD

Posted by at 15 December 2013, at 22 : 38 PM

Car of the day – Jelacy Ramirez & Black Nissan GT-R meet 1920×1080 HD

Not very often we post some good looking women with cars. Mostly, we post just cars or something related to automotive niche. Well, today, it’s that time again when we post some good looking woman with some good looking car. Beautiful model Jelacy Ramirez & a very nice looking black Nissan GT-R.

Jelacy Ramirez is a 23 years old Cuban model. She is a 5’3″ & 115 lbs model currently living in Miami, Florida, US. She is available for swimsuit, lingerie, events, fashion shows, glamour shoots, print commercial ads, car shows, magazine work, music videos, and film work.

Probably, we don’t need to introduce the Nissan GT-R, because it was introduced in here several times already. You should know already its specifications and other info about it, or you can always use the search box and you can easily check all info about the car.

It is always nice to see a beautiful woman and a beautiful car together. Jelacy Ramirez is definitely one of those women that fits this description nicely. The Nissan GT-R fits this description just perfectly as well.

The Nissan GT-R is one of the top supercars. It is widely known all around the world. This car is so brutally powerful and fast that you just can’t say anything bad about its performance. You have to drive it in order to understand its real power and potential. You just can’t understand how good this car really is, till you drive it.

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