Kawasaki ER6 driver nearly crashed because of water flood

Posted by at 9 January 2014, at 21 : 25 PM

Kawasaki ER6 driver nearly crashed because of water flood

Sometimes you can see a lot of crazy things on roads. Sometimes it just makes no sense or at least looks that way — especially when a road explodes in front of you. Sometimes it makes you think that you’re dreaming — especially when you see a tank crossing a road in the middle of the day. Sometimes there is water flood on a road, and all you can do is just “get wet” — especially if you are on a bike.

In today’s story, there is a guy who nearly crashed his bike just because there was another crazy thing on a road.

Kawasaki ER6 driver nearly crashes his bike after he drives straight into the flood. Check out the video below. 🙂

As you can see in that video, the driver of that Kawasaki still can call himself a lucky guy. Yes, he got wet, but he is still lucky, because he was going quite fast, and it could’ve ended in a different way. He could’ve crashed his bike, but he didn’t.

Let’s just hope that he wasn’t going to any important meeting or anything like that, because it is obvious that he was all wet after this crazy accident. But maybe he was lucky twice. Maybe his suit saved him from getting all wet.

Next time you will be driving on a bike in a rainy day, don’t forget to look closely what’s going on in front of you, because you can never know what can happen to you. Crazy things happen all the time.

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