How To Keep Your Rat Rod Running Like New

Posted by at 16 June 2014, at 14 : 57 PM

How To Keep Your Rat Rod Running Like New

It’s been a few years since you either built or purchased your Rat Rod and it’s not running the way it used to. Keep in mind that maintenance on these kind of vehicles is not like a vehicle of today. Most Rat Rods have carburetors that need to be either cleaned or tuned.

The standard are either Holley’s or Rochester carb’s. Over time, they can begin to get gummed up and for them most part, a good spray with carb cleaner will solve the problem. The main problem here is when the vehicle is winterized. If the fuel is not stabilized, it will break down quicker than the older gasolines ever did. Allowing a vehicle to sit for a few years without draining, the fuel or using a stabilizer will almost guarantee you that you will have to rebuild the carburetor on your Rat Rod. If it sits, drain it!

Fluids in your Rat Rod should be changed periodically. Change your oil at least once a year. It’s just cheap insurance. Trans fluid can go for 20-30,000 miles. Same with rear end fluid or manual trans fluid. A good rule of thumb for coolant is about 3 years. It does begin to break down over time and is not as effective in your Rat Rod as it was when fresh and new.

You will most likely end up changing tires for dry rot rather than wear, unless you REALLY drive your Rat Rod. If possible get the vehicle off the ground when the vehicle sits for any extended period of time to prevent flat spotting. Keeping your tires inflated evenly will reduce the chance of getting the wobble caused from the flat spotting.

Your Rat Rod’s electrical system is a very simplistic thing, but will also require a bit of maintenance. If you still have points and a condenser, change them. for the pennies it costs to replace them, do not waste your time cleaning them, especially if they are in question. Gap them properly and you are finished. Check plugs, wires, cap and rotor. Again, wires will most likely dry rot and end up needing replacement. Check plugs for rich and lean carburetor conditions. You can always tell how your Rat Rod is running by the spark plugs.

Follow these simple rules and Your Rat Rod will love you for it.

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