Simple Tips to Help Keep Your Car Healthy

Posted by at 10 December 2019, at 13 : 38 PM

Simple Tips to Help Keep Your Car Healthy

Just like a human body needs to be looked after and checked out regularly by a doctor, so too do mechanical items like motor cars need to be checked and maintained in order to ensure that they continue to function optimally. But what exactly does this mean and is it true that prevention is better than cure? The answer is usually that prevention wins, but that doesn’t mean parking the car in a garage and never using it. So, if you own a car and you want to ensure that it keeps going, and going well, for as long as possible, here are some tips to help you maintain your vehicle.

Regular services

Never skimp on services, they are absolutely crucial and should be done on a regular basis. A proper service tends to be done when distance-related milestones are met, but for people who don’t drive too much, a thorough service should still be conducted at least once annually. Proper service will entail a complete car inspection Perth has many mechanics and workshops to whom you can take your car. But realistically, look for an accredited specialist who deals with the type of model that you drive. They will check the engine and other moving parts and put in things like clean filters, new spark plugs, and fresh oil.

Not just petrol

When you pull into a filling station don’t just think about a quick turnaround and a full tank of petrol. Use the opportunity to make sure that everything is as it should be. Check the tyre pressure regularly and make sure that oil and water levels are as they should be. A car that is functioning well won’t need to have oil added very often, but that is not to say that a check shouldn’t be conducted. If you need to wait for the temperature light to come on inside the car before you think about adding water, then it will be too late.

Park right

This is a simple trick, but wherever possible look to the parallel park rather than alley dock. With the former, you have cars to the front and the back of you but not to the side. It is when cars park on the side of you that doors are opened, and the paintwork tarnished, or dents formed – especially if doors are being opened in the wind when they can clobber adjacent cars.

Sun and sea are the enemies

Overexposure to the sun and to sea air is not good for your car. In many instances these are things that cannot be avoided, but, even so, there are things to be aware of. Sea air is responsible for oxidization or rust and sun has a detrimental effect on paint and upholstery. Whenever possible look to park the car under cover – ideally in a closed garage. Keeping the car away from mist and rain will benefit it positively in terms of delaying rust formation, while shade will keep the car looking new for longer. Add to this mix regular polishing, so that the waxy layer that coats the exterior of the car can be restored and replenished, and you will have a vehicle that is able to withstand the punishing effects of the elements.

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