Keep Your Ride Looking Prime

Posted by at 12 September 2020, at 08 : 29 AM

Keep Your Ride Looking Prime

Nothing beats the feeling of buying yourself a brand new car and seeing it shine in your driveway. Nothing except cruising down the highway or around the city in that same beautiful, new car that is. Don’t let that feeling fade away, and don’t let the paint job fade away either. You can keep your ride looking prime and hold onto that feeling of pride and excitement with these simple tips.

Avoid the Car Wash

The car wash is great for getting your car clean, but they tend to overdo it. The rough, spinning brushes and harsh detergents that they use are designed to cut through any muck they encounter. Car washes are not designed for delicate, precise cleaning that keeps your car looking pristine, however. Instead, use a bucket, a few towels, some cleaning products, and deionized water to make her sparkle from home.

Use Deionized Water

Water tends to have relatively high concentrations of naturally-occurring minerals, particularly tap water. If you wash your car with regular tap water, the minerals will cling to the paint job and erode it. You have multiple options when it comes to procuring deionized, mineral-free water.

You can buy bulk deionized water at a reasonable price online at the Servapure website. If you’re prepared for a bigger investment, you can save in the long-term by buying a water deionizer that will eventually pay for itself. This way, you can deionize water as you need it for cleaning as well as drinking without extra costs. Using water with no mineral content will go a long way to making sure that your ride looks amazing for years to come.

Dry Your Car

Water is a magnet for dust and dirt, even if it’s clean. While you might want to let your car drip dry in the sun, that will result in all sorts of wind-blown grime sticking to the car and putting you back where you started. Every time you finish washing your car, you should properly dry it with microfiber drying towels, a chamois, or another absorbent tool.

Always Use a Towel

Spraying cleaners onto your car will make it harder to clean and also poses the risk of eroding the spot where you’ve applied a high concentration of chemicals. Instead, apply your detergents to a towel, ensuring that you’ll be able to wipe it down fairly evenly and won’t subject the paint to excessive chemical exposure.

Be Proactive

Stains, bird droppings, and mud don’t just look ugly. They also harbor bacteria, acid, moisture, and other elements that will encourage rusting and erosion. You need to clean your car well by avoiding the car wash, using deionized water, and paying attention to the details, but you also need to clean frequently. When you see a small problem, take care of it before it becomes a big one and you’ll save yourself time and effort in the long run. If you keep a proactive attitude and treat your car well, it’ll treat you well too.

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