Key Reasons to Hire Experts in RV Repairs Like RNR Refinish

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Key Reasons to Hire Experts in RV Repairs Like RNR Refinish

Are you a proud owner of an RV? Recreational vehicles are remarkably popular among adventurers, having no trouble living their lives on the road.

Even though these mobile homes aren’t much used in winter, they’re supposed to be maintained all year round to prevent severe damage. RV owners often face issues such as burst waterlines, clogged toilets, leaky roofs, and flat tires.

These are the key reasons for using repair services when detecting a problem with your camper.

Waterline issues

One of the most common reasons for RV owners to use repair services is when coping with waterline issues. Most individuals use their recreational vehicles during the period of warm weather, not in the course of winter. Nevertheless, storing your trailer for the winter season should be done properly in order for waterlines not to burst.

Moreover, the waterlines in these vehicles, made from plastic or copper, tend to freeze when exposed to below-zero temperatures. Consequently, the water inside the lines will freeze, causing expansion and burst lines. In order to avoid such an issue, make sure to empty the water tanks before storing the camper for winter. Go to this site for some handy tips about winterizing an RV.

Nevertheless, when dealing with burst waterlines, contacting RV repair specialists is the quickest solution for the problem. These professionals are experts at replacing damaged waterlines, enabling owners to use their recreational vehicles in no time.

Flat tires

Another frequent issue RV owners experience is tire blowouts. Unlike cars, recreational vehicles weigh approximately 5,200 pounds without any extra equipment and water tanks, weighing another 1,500 pounds. It’s natural for the tires of these vehicles to be susceptible to blowouts due to the stress they are exposed to.

Therefore, owners should be extremely cautious when it comes to monitoring tire pressure. They are supposed to make the necessary adjustments to this pressure whenever a change in air temperature or altitude occurs. In the event of a flat tire, RV repairmen are capable of fixing it in case the damage done to the tire isn’t detrimental to its condition. Otherwise, you’ll have to replace it with a new one.

Problems with the toilet

Toilet issues are common in recreational vehicles due to the gradual damage done by driving the RV on rugged terrains. These are probably the most annoying problems to deal with due to the disgusting smell and mess in the vehicle. As a result, owners don’t hesitate to hire repair services instead of trying to fix the issues by themselves.

Furthermore, leaking and overflowing toilets are the most frequent issues. Nowadays, there are various RV service centres, such as RNR Refinish, providing repair services for the major RV brands. These professionals specialize in fixing plumbing defects by detecting the root of the issue and addressing it in the best possible manner. Make sure you hire such repairmen once you notice the first signs of damage in order to prevent water damage.

A malfunctioning air conditioner

There is nothing worse than a faulty RV air conditioner on a scorching summer day. This scenario is more likely than most owners of recreational vehicles think, especially in individuals paying no attention to AC maintenance.

In order for these appliances to operate normally, they need to be cleaned and maintained regularly, even when the vehicle is not used. RV technicians are proficient at AC servicing, installation, repair, and replacement. These experts are experienced in working with various types of AC systems in recreational vehicles such as rooftop-mounted, split systems, and under-bunk units.

Roof and window problems

The roofs and windows of these mobile homes are more prone to damage when compared to traditional homes. The constant exposure to weather elements and extreme temperatures deteriorates the roof of the vehicle over time.

The same goes for the windows, whose role is to absorb the vibration caused by travelling. Even though a sealant is used to impede water leaks, it doesn’t withstand the pressure caused by weather elements. See this link,, for some useful tips about fixing a leaky travel trailer.

Final word

Waste no time to hire repair services.

Your second home deserves proper care!

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