Meanwhile in Russia another tank spotted on a public road

Posted by at 6 April 2013, at 21 : 03 PM

Meanwhile in Russia another tank spotted on a public road

Not so long ago, either the same or another tank was spotted crossing a public road in Russia. Yet again, this is the same tank or another one, but again this tank crossing a public road again. Sure it’s not that super tank which goes 500 km/h.

Normally we don’t think that a tank should be doing that — especially not like that as you can see in a video below. But yet again, it’s Russia, and it’s not that surprising to see such things out there.

Have you ever wondered why so many videos on YouTube with car crashes are from Russia? It is very simple. It is because so many drivers out there drive like crazy, and so many insurance scams that you just must get a dash cam if you live there. That’s why so many drivers drive with cameras, so they can have a proof of car accidents. In a lot of ways someone can just crash into you and just drive away. This is a pretty common situation out there. So either you can try to catch that driver who’ve crashed into you, or you can have a proof by using a dash cam and just go straight to the police.

So many insurance scams in that country. In some videos on YouTube, you can see when drivers just hit the brakes so hard so that the other driver could crash into his/her car, and like that they try to get money from the insurance — Yes, if you hit another car in the rear, in Russia, it means that you are the culprit of the accident (obviously the same rules apply all over the world), and without a proof, you can’t do anything. Or some random person can just try to jump on your car and pretend that you hit him. You can find a lot of videos like that on YouTube, and you can understand that this happens out there often.

Funny when in one video you can clearly see that a guy has failed to attempt an insurance scam while hitting the brakes hard, so he just drove backwards into another car and tried to make a situation like that the other driver actually hit him, but because of the dash cam, there was a clear proof about the whole incident.

So the point of all this is that if you go to Russia, don’t forget to buy a dash cam, because you never know what can happen out there. Obviously such things happen not only in Russia, but if someone tries to drive backwards straight into your car on a public road and later that person tries to claim that you actually hit him, it more likely can happen mostly in Russia.

Check out the video below about that tank and see by yourself how hilarious it looks out there.

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