Motorcycle Adventure Tours In China Present A Discovery Experience Like No Other

Posted by at 14 September 2013, at 13 : 37 PM

Motorcycle Adventure Tours In China Present A Discovery Experience Like No Other

Travel is certainly one of life’s great pleasures – seeing new places, getting acquainted with the culture and just marveling at how certain areas of this big world are just so different from what you’re familiar with. Some people take the train to really take in the sights; it’s convenient and quick. And then there are those who want to rough it out for a more active tour that exposes them to the elements and allows them to smell, hear and feel their surroundings better. The latter type of travellers are those more inclined to take motorcycle adventure tours instead of other modes of transportation/travel, and in China, such tours are gaining popularity among foreign tourists who are enamored with the mystical Red Dragon nation and prefer a more organic travel experience.

Travelling on a motorcycle in China city

If you’re a foreign tourist who prefers to go on this type of tour, you are required to secure a Chinese driver license first because the IDP is not recognized in China. The process is actually quick, especially if you will choose to be trained and assisted by a local driving school. It is rather pricey, though, so it’s good to be prepared with about a thousand Chinese yuan just for the procurement of a license (however, just consider it a worthy investment to not have to deal with traffic authorities that may be inclined to probe into your qualifications for travelling on a motorbike from one province to the other). As long as you have the license, have received proper driver’s education (this is crucial, by the way, since Chinese roads are highly prone to vehicular accidents), and have the vehicle (which you can get a hold of with the help of China sourcing agents), you can expect your adventure to go rather smoothly.

Travelling on a motorcycle in China country

As you travel across the country, you will discover the great diversity among all the provinces; from the food, to the clothing, the manner of dealing with foreigners, overall quality of life, and even language. You may find yourself more “at peace” in more developed areas like Beijing, Shanghai, Shandong and Guangzhou because all the typical conveniences you need while travelling, like ATM machines that will accept your foreign ATM card and proper hostels, are more accessible. Be warned, however, that traffic is described as terrible in the cities, especially Beijing, because the roads are always congested with motorists and pedestrians. However, if you want to really discover the roots of the country, inland provinces are must-visit destinations for you. You’ll see a much humbler way of life and even meet people who may consider you as the first foreigner they’ve ever met in their lives.

Travelling on a motorcycle in China area

Needless to say, China is a fascinating country to explore and if you want to experience its rich history, culture, cuisine, lifestyle and language in a more in-depth manner, a motorcycle adventure tour is definitely a highly recommended travel arrangement for you.

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