Muscle and Good Looks: The Camaro Today

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Muscle and Good Looks: The Camaro Today

In 1967, General Motors introduced Chevrolet Camaro as its competition against Ford Mustang. It was classified the Pony car, as its looks were comparatively compact than other models of the time. The youthful looks and features soon made the Camaro popular among the youth, and it soon became the most sought-after automobile for those who liked adventure and fun.

There are three distinct categories that Camaro comes in:

. Pony cars
. Muscle cars and
. Sports cars

Camaro’s production stopped in 2002 after the successful launches of four-generations of Camaros. However, on demand of Camaro fans, production restarted in 2009. Each of the five generations of Camaro has a uniqueness to them which made them popular among the masses:

A. First-generation Camaro: This was the beginning of the Camaro family. It was launched in 1967 and stayed in the market till 1969. This was launched in only two body styles — Coupe and Convertibles.

B. Second-generation Camaro: It was introduced as a sleek body car with improved engine capacity. However, there were no convertibles available, only coupes. The basic structure was based on the General Motors F-body platform.

C. Third-generation Camaro: This was launched between 1982-1992. For the very first time, the Camaro family had modern fuel injection with 700R4 four–speed turbo-hydramatic automatic transmissions, and was almost 500 pounds lighter than the second generation models.

D. Fourth-generation Camaro: Debuting in 1993, it did retain a lot of features of the basic first-generation Camaros, with optional equipment including a new six-speed T-56 manual transmission and an all-speed traction control. Also, a four-speed automatic transmission was offered, with anti-lock braking system being a standard feature on all models

In 2002, after the successful completion of 35 years of introducing new and innovative trends in the market, the production of Camaro cars had to be halted due to declining sales and also the decreasing acceptance of coupés among buyers.

E. Fifth-generation Camaro: After many proposed models for the new Camaro that had many convertible models with more muscle, the fifth-generation was launched in 2009. And soon after the launch, in 2010, it was named the World Car Design of the Year.

Come 2013 and Camaro will launch the next model with new features, including suspension tuning, unique gearing, and tyres that makes the car capable of more than 1 g of lateral acceleration.

The next Camaro models promise all the following additions.

. Camaro SS coupe and convertible is equipped with a 6.2L V-8 delivering up to 426 horsepower.
. The supercharged Camaro ZL1 convertible and coupe with 580-horsepower (432 kW).
. Hill Start Assist and ZL1-style shift knob is now a standard feature on all cars with manual transmissions.
. Remote start available on 1SS and 1LT wîth automatic transmission.
. Blue Ray with a metallic exterior colour
. New 20-inch and 18-inch wheel designs

Therefore, it is not just the looks but the overall design and quality, along with the assurance of General Motors that make Camaro a preferred choice.

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