Muscle And Pony Cars: The Revolution Of Sport Auto Industry

Posted by at 4 January 2017, at 22 : 24 PM

Muscle And Pony Cars: The Revolution Of Sport Auto Industry

While the world is turning back to the styles of past times making old good things taking center stage again, car lovers are also keeping pace with their strives to revitalize everything which was practical in functionality and stylish likewise. That`s why we see many expert magazines, as well as car fans, are talking more and more about Muscle and Pony cars.

In this article, I want to cast some light on this topic and provide you with information about what are Muscle and Pony cars and what is the difference between them – a question pondered many times before. It is a usual topic for essay writing in universities and colleges as well, and if you want to ask me: write my essay for me please – I`m here for help.

Autos can be your passion, your only desire, as well as your compulsive disorder. I had a friend once; poor guy became so obsessed with everything automotive that his lifestyle limited to everything connected to it. While visiting his place, I used to go and check for him to his garage first, never his home. I can`t recall actually what type of furniture was inside his house or how did his wife and kids look like. We were usually joking that he will kick the bucket repairing something in his garage.

The only useful thing I carried out from the communication with him was my consequential knowledge about old-school autos he used to be really fond of. It became a revelation to me that the history of automobiles is not circumscribed to the limits of amateur brochures I used to consult to erase my ignorance in this topic. Here are some things I want to share with you. Let`s have a crack at the history of the muscle and pony cars development, how did they appear and what differs them.

Classic muscle motors were produced in the USA. The Merriam-Webster dictionary gives a definition to this type of autos as “any of a group of American-made 2-door sports cars with powerful engines designed for high-performance driving.”

Muscle cars were introduced in the 60s and early 70s and were usually a “dragstrip bred” – non-expensive vehicles equipped with a powerful V8 engine and a rear-wheel drive. Also known as supercars, they became an official industry trend in 1966. Its first mass produced Pontiac GTO and Camaro series are regarded to be as classic muscle car models.

Why did they call it muscle car? Where did the definition come from? The name talks to itself – autos of such type were designed to evolve high-performance. A strong large-displacement engine heart was beating in a neat muscle body of every muscle car.

There are some traditions which are innate to the US people. To travel on wheels on a large trip cars, like this Mercedes, which was designed to comply with the American spirit of freedom and mobility, or a developed tradition of muscle cars which is deeply integrated into American open-road culture. In a muscle car era, it was an essential right of a working class man to have a steel stallion of that kind. According to the Guardian, cheap, remarkably economical, muscle motors rest the best choice of the American drivers up till now.

Now let`s take a closer look at what is a Pony. As the leopard can`t change its spots, we cannot deny the fact that Ponies are the type of American muscle cars. Their first models were sporty modifications of muscle cars engineered for the more demanding public. Pony cars were first inspired and put into mass production by the Ford Mustang in 1964.

These cars were named “pony” because of the Mustang horse logo they bared. It went even further – the owners of Pony cars were called ponies as well. It is regarded to be a coinage of Dennis Shattuck – an editor of Car Life magazine. Pony cars detonated an unprecedented revolution in sports auto industry and became its symbol for decades.

Pony car is regarded to be a muscle car as well, but it is more tied to a brand of its manufacturer. Pony cars were designed as sporty, affordable, highly-styled vehicles. James Bond series often involved scenes where 007 was driving these sports mustangs chasing bad guys or attending luxurious diplomatic soirées.

Classic muscle cars were designed by their manufacturers for the unruly highway speeding, inspiring its owners to take night urban drag races. Meanwhile pony cars were a privilege of the same teenage-spirited exclusive men who wanted to save their headstrong spirit but in more classy public they belonged to.

Muscle cars and ponies don`t differ much in their technical characteristics, although most of the pony car models you can find are smaller in size comparing to ordinary muscle motors. Their divergence is more about design and style which are usually muddying the water while making the comparative analysis of their distinctions. But their primary purposes rest the same as well as their distinctive features: they are small 2-door cars powered by high-displacement engines, typically used in larger vehicles, like full-size sedans.

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