My Car Is Wrecked, What Now?

Posted by at 5 April 2018, at 17 : 22 PM

My Car Is Wrecked, What Now?

You carefully hand washed your car over the weekend so that it became so incredibly clean and shiny that you could smile at your reflexion in the bonnet. In fact, the week started even positively, and you were convinced the gods were finally looking your way until the accident. You heard the agonizing sound of metal pushed and crushed together as the other car hit the back of yours. Your first thought was for your vehicle. What will it look like after that crash? Will you still be able to use it? While a million thoughts are rushing through your mind at the moment, you need to remember something important. However gutting a wrecked car is, if the car has protected you from lasting damages, then it has done its job and has died an honorable death. How can you give your trusted travel companion a decent car burial?

Different levels of car use

While almost everyone drives, not everyone relies on their car as an essential part of their job. For instance, if you work in an office, you can use public transport until you find a better solution. But if you made driving your main business, by becoming a professional taxi driver or a driving instructor, a wrecked car means a wrecked business. When your car is a major element of your business model, you need to look further than just car insurance. You need to find the business coverage that can protect your vehicle and ensure quick replacement when you need it most. Separate business insurance on your vehicle can be more reactive and responsive than compensation and reparations from your insurance coverage, meaning you can hit the ground running as soon as you get a replacement vehicle for your company.

What’s the best course of action?

A car accident is likely to damage your vehicle and, potentially even some of its content. If you were carrying your laptop and it’s got broken through the crash, for instance, you might be able to find compensation through a professional property damage lawyer. Indeed, if your belongings were not covered by any kind of insurance, they may be recoverable in this way, which can make it easier to restart your life where you’ve left it before the crash. Additionally, before considering the car damage, it’s essential to get yourself checked within the hours that follow the crash. Indeed, not all internal injuries are visible, but they can be extremely serious.

My Car Is Wrecked, What Now?

What happens to the car?

With a good lawyer, you might be able to receive compensation for loss of property and medical costs. But if you don’t have GAP insurance on your car, you might struggle to replace the vehicle. Is it worth repairing a car that has been in an accident? If the damages are minimal, you can attempt a reparation. However, you may not be able to resell the car at its best price. In fact, for any severe collision, you can choose to sell your car as it is to specialist buyers, or even let off-road.

A wrecked car can be stressful, especially if you don’t know where to get compensation and how to best deal with a damaged vehicle. However, always remember that a car wreck can be the opportunity to upgrade vehicle if you work with helpful coverage policies and lawyers.

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