This Is How People Lose Their Driving License

Posted by at 24 March 2017, at 12 : 48 PM

This Is How People Lose Their Driving License

A lot of people don’t appreciate just how many ways there are in which they can lose their driving license! It’s important that you know these laws. Ignorance of them will never be accepted in a court.

Serious offenses

These are the more obvious ones of which many people are already aware. Still, the issues tend to be a bit more complex than people imagine. Let’s take driving under the influence, for example. Driving while intoxicated seems like a clear and justified reason to lose a license – but being charged with a DUI doesn’t always mean you’ll lose your license. It depends partly on what state you’re in. But because a charge doesn’t always justify a license revocation, the DUI lawyer you choose to work with can also be very important when it comes to the outcome.

This Is How People Lose Their Driving License

Vehicular manslaughter and homicide are also fairly obvious ones that can get complex on a case-by-case basis, but there are other offenses you may not have consider. For example, driving away from the scene of an accident can be considered a serious offence, even if no-one was severely injured in the accident.

Serious offenses are the most likely to end in license suspension, even with no prior incidents on your record.

Point accumulation and repeat violations

The vast majority of states use a point system in order to judge someone’s driving record. Minor and major traffic offenses will result in certain numbers of points being assigned to your record. Once you hit a predetermined ‘limit’, your license will usually be suspended almost right away. The length of the revocation will often depend on the severity of the offenses, as well as by how much you exceeded the points limit with your most recent offense.

This Is How People Lose Their Driving License

But this often leads to a misconception: that violations may never result in license revocation as long as you’re below the determined points limit. This isn’t true. If you accrete a certain amount of specific violations – also known here as habitual offenses – then, your license can be revoked on that basis too.

Let’s say that, within the space of six months, you were caught speeding four times. That may not have resulted in enough points to take you over your limit – but the fact that you were caught speeding four times in half a year shows that you’re not learning your lesson. Your license can be revoked on this basis. You’re posing too much of a risk to the safety of yourself and others.

This Is How People Lose Their Driving License

The stranger reasons

You can actually lose your driving license without having to get behind a steering wheel. This may seem odd, but there are several crimes out there that can see the state revoke your license. Many of them have to do with alcohol and finance. Someone who fails to pay child support, alimony, or refuses to submit to a court-ordered genetic test may have their license revoked (along with the other fines!).

If you’re a minor who is caught attempting to purchase alcohol with fake ID, this may also result in a loss of license. Being publicly intoxicated in a manner that is disruptive and peace-disturbing can sometimes see you banned from driving, but this usually applies to minors more than it does those over 21.

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