How to pick the perfect car for your family

Posted by at 29 June 2021, at 10 : 11 AM

How to pick the perfect car for your family

When it comes to picking a family car, there is a lot to consider.

It may not be a car you had a poster on your wall as a kid; it’s not in any of the movies you’d want to watch or on the cover of any magazine. There are different factors now to consider. It could well be one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make.

So, you need to shift gears from your normal mindset to one that looks for the perfect mix of technology, performance, and safety. Luckily, as the family car market is one of the biggest, you’ll have plenty of choices.

With that in mind, here are a few things you could look at when deciding on a list of must-haves.

#1 Technology

When looking at family cars, we’re not just looking at the tech that makes driving that bit easier. The tech that needs the most attention is the in-car entertainment and the number of places your kids can charge the mobile devices they seem to treat as some form of life support.

However, get this box ticked and keep them distracted with a movie, a game, or something they downloaded from Netflix, and you can probably take the endless calls of ‘are we there yet’ out of the equation for future road trips.

#2 Space

You’ll know by now that with kids comes clutter. A simple trip to see the family has been turned into a major strategic event, with the space in the back full of things you never even knew existed before you became a parent. You’ll be looking for plenty of space in the back, and most family vehicles have got this, so you’ll just have to decide which one suits your tribe the best.

#3 Reliability

It goes without saying you’ll want the vehicle with the best safety rating, but you’ll also be looking for reliability. The last thing you want is to break down regularly and have AAA on speed dial. However, if you need repairs in a hurry, you’ll need to look at some financing options.

Many auto repair loans, like those from OneMain Financial, don’t penalize you if you pay off your loan early, meaning that you can enjoy the benefits of having a loan with the option to potentially pay the loan early and avoid some of the interest charges.

A few final thoughts

Safety is the number one feature you need to look for in a family car, but there are also other considerations you need to filter into your thinking before making a choice. You’ll need as much space as you can get, first of all for buggies and push-chairs, and then for sports kit, musical instruments, or whatever they need for extra classes or those after-school clubs.

Next, you’ll need reliability so you know you’ll get there, and lastly, you’ll need the tech backup to keep them distracted and you sane throughout the whole process.

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