To Pimp My Ride Or Not To Pimp My Ride?

Posted by at 6 October 2017, at 11 : 24 AM

To Pimp My Ride Or Not To Pimp My Ride?

A true petrol head is never satisfied. When they see a car, they want to take it to a new level. It’s known as “pimping your ride”, and it has been popular ever since the eponymous show on the MTV channel. The thing that a car enthusiast has to decide is whether it is worth the hassle.

Sure, the car will look and feel great when you roll down the street. But, does that negate the time and money factor? The answer is yes, and here is a selection of the reasons why.


The right upgrades will make the car much more comfortable to drive. Some car enthusiasts hate the idea of aids, but they have their benefits. A rearview camera, for instance, makes parallel parking a walk in the park. A double exhaust increases horsepower, adds speed, and makes the car quicker. An antilock braking system, on the other hand, adds traction so that the vehicle is easier to stop. All of these upgrades are practical as well as stylish. Remember that the driveability of the car is the most important thing, and looks come next.

Business Leads

No one thinks that a car is good for business until the penny drops. Imagine you are a startup and need to raise awareness of the brand. What’s a clever and cheap way to catch a consumer’s eye? It’s with a car vinyl that has the name of the company and the relevant contact details. Lucent Wraps is on hand to answer any of your questions if you want to learn about the process. Even if the people who see it aren’t a part of the firm’s base, the company will stick in their head. It is amazing how many leads a vehicle can generate for a company. If you are a non-believer, just ask Red Bull.

Adds Value

Forget about the stereo system in the back that would make David Guetta jealous because that isn’t a profitable upgrade. Sure, it seems like a great idea until the novelty wears off. The enhancements which make a difference are the ones in the first paragraph. From cameras to parking sensors, drivers want them all because they are lazy. Therefore, they will pay a pretty penny for a readymade car. All you have to do is install the features and maintain them until it’s time to sell. Usually, they will help the car double in value.


Everyone knows they shouldn’t drive and use their cell. Still, it’s hard to resist the temptation when the phone buzzes in the car. Thankfully, an upgrade will take the option out of your hands. But, don’t worry because you can still answer the call. By installing a Bluetooth system, your phone will automatically sync to the radio. When a call comes through, the hands-free tech will kick in and allow you to talk and drive simultaneously.

Pimping your ride might seem vain, but it isn’t. From increasing safety to adding value, there are lots of reasons it makes sense.

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