Rat Rodding: What’s it all about?

Posted by at 25 September 2014, at 15 : 54 PM

Rat Rodding: What’s it all about?

You’ve heard all the buzz about Rat Rods and Rat Rodding. But believe it or not, most people really are unsure of what it is or what they are. Let us give you a brief run down of what it is all about.

Rat Rodding is not just an old, ugly car. Rat Rods are an art form, and they belong in their own league. Most of them are stripped down, basic vehicles with no frills. Many appear to be rusty jalopies that should have been scrapped long ago. But someones rust is others treasure. You see, this is what changes people to having a Rat Rod to being a Rat Rodder.

The Rockabilly look goes with the Rat Rod style. Ladies wear tight clothing, corset-like, with black hair and bright red lipstick. Men often have black boots, popped collar grunge shirts, and black jeans. Thick black framed glasses are often associated with the style. late 50s, early 60s music accompanies the style, but lately grunge rock, like the Ramones and the Clash, is popular among the younger crowd.

Many clubs have formed with regards to the Rat Rod style. Many members spend time working on their vehicles and partying to the style. Check your local areas to see what events are available. Or if there are none, form your own. You’ll be surprised at how many people are Rat Rodders out there, looking for some attention, and just a physical forum to show their vehicles.

Rat Rod shows are the places to get to know people in the lifestyle and do some networking. Who knows what can come of it. Everything from parts, to finding your future wife! Bartering is also very prominent as one club member can do something for another to squash out money. Labor in exchange for labor. Remember, Rat Rods are cost-effective vehicles. Don’t ever call them cheap. Most of them are actually more innovative than you would think.

The reason here is because people learn to use what they have rather than buy what you need. It goes with the “teach a man to fish….” theory. You’d be surprised what you can find at flea markets and or garage sales that can be incorporated into your Rat Rod. No part is too rusty or too old. A little bit of brainstorming is all you need to find the correct fit. Before you know it, you’ll be a regular at Rat Rodding.

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