What is good & bad side of rising fuel prices?

Posted by at 18 July 2013, at 12 : 43 PM

What is good & bad side of rising fuel prices?

Do you remember the time when the fuel prices were so little compared to today’s prices? Well right now it’s just a sweet memory and that time is over now. Rising fuel prices is a big headache for many people these days. Of course there’s always the bright side for many things, rising fuel prices are no exception. Before we go to the good side, first let’s explain what is the bad side of rising fuel prices.

The bad side of rising fuel prices is that you have to spend a lot of money just for the fuel if you need to drive far distances. If you drive a lot in a highway, it’s still better compared to driving a lot in a city, because while driving in a highway your car consumes way less of fuel. Still if you need to travel a long distances often, you will spend a lot of money for the fuel. With all this economical crisis and low paying jobs in some countries, it can be a big headache for lots of people. And that is probably just one of the main bad things of rising fuel prices.

The good side wins against the bad side, because the good side actually has way more good things about it, compared to the bad side and its bad things.

The higher fuel prices means the less cars driving around, because many people take a bus, because it’s cheaper. The less cars means the better for the people who have cars, because in many cities there are way too many cars these days and because of that we get gigantic traffic jams.

The less cars gives less air pollution. It’s obvious the more cars there will be around, the bigger air pollution occurs and that is not good. So yet again, that is a good side of rising fuel prices.

The thing is that everyone can’t drive cars, because there are too little space for that, for all. Just image if every single adult person would be driving a car, that would be a big problem for all, because traffic jams would be ridiculous. Even if we take ages between 18-40, that would be a ridiculous amount of traffic around. That’s why there’s always must be the balance of poor and rich people. That’s why at some point it’s good these rising fuel prices, and at some point it’s bad.

For some it’s good, for some it’s bad. But all together it makes the balance, which is good. So the next time you complain about the rising fuel prices, remember the good side as well.

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