Running On Pirelli Tyres: Insider Tips On Care And Maintenance

Posted by at 13 November 2013, at 13 : 00 PM

Running On Pirelli Tyres: Insider Tips On Care And Maintenance

When you think about the task of taking care of your car, the first thing that may usually come to mind is how you will clean and polish the car’s body. You may think about making sure the paint still looks bright and brand new. You may spend a lot of time buffing the mirrors, washing the windows and making sure the windshield is clear and blemish-free. You may look into adding installations or accessories that add to your vehicle’s appeal. But did you think about the care and maintenance for your wheels? Experts believe that the wheels are the most important parts in the exterior of a car. It’s the most used (and abused) and often the most neglected. Choosing the right brand and practicing proper care and maintenance for your wheels will enhance the beauty and increase the performance of your car. It may even save your life as well.

The hard and fast rule in choosing tyres for your vehicle is to opt only for trusted brands. And if you’re looking for recommendations, why not take it right from the highest authorities when it comes to anything and everything about running cars? For the big three in motoring events – Formula One, World Rally Championships and Superbike World Championships – the most trustworthy tyres in the world include Pirelli tyres. The elongated P in its iconic logo speaks of the performance and power you get from the 100 years of research, experience and innovation the Pirelli brand has put into perfecting tyre technology. As a result, Pirelli tyres can be relied upon for maximum security, comfort and longevity.

Pirelli Tyres used in Formula One racing

The choice of brand is only one part of the formula for getting more out of your tyres, Blenheim experts say. You also have to find out how to make sure you extend the life and maintain the performance of the wheels you invested in. For smart vehicle owners, choosing the right tyre supplier and getting a VIP membership from them is a practical move to make sure you have the resources at hand when you need it the most.

Pirelli Tyres in different colors

A reputable tyre specialist can provide the following perks and services for customers who buy premium-grade tyres from a selected range: manufacturer’s full warranty, damage insurance and supplier guarantee in case of accidental damage for a determined period or mileage. You can also receive free services such as puncture repairs and wheel rotation, as well as discounts on products such as branded mags wheels and services such as wheel alignment. VIP members also get priority booking status every time, ensuring that you get the help and response you need fast.

Pirelli Tyres for great driving

When it comes to tyres, nothing beats a Pirelli, plus the VIP treatment and services from a first-rate tyre specialist.

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