Tips in Hiring an Automotive Recruiter

Posted by at 8 November 2020, at 06 : 19 AM

Tips in Hiring an Automotive Recruiter

If you are a dealership owner, you may love running it yourself even if everything seems a lot of work. No days are similar to each other, and every moment creates new possibilities. You may be bouncing from the first sale to the second one, and you’re always multitasking.

You’re trying to make sure that everyone is involved in the operations, and the dealership will be their pride and enjoyment. After all, this is something that you’ve put your heart and soul into, and it deserves success.

However, there’s one spot that many owners may find it elusive to master. This involves hiring a competent sales staff that will do the hard work to process a sale. It may be frustrating at first. But you are not alone in this area. Some reports say that the turnover rate for dealer positions is about 40%, and auto salespeople are about 70%.

So, how do you find the right people? Of course, it is to find the right employees. You can hire an automotive recruiting agent that will handle the candidates applying for a specific position in your dealership. The right people will mold the candidates into salespeople that your company needs.

You are the boss, so they should be able to follow your needs and wants.

3 Tips in Hiring Recruiters

1. Ensure that they Specialize in the Automotive Industry

Many recruiters are out there, but you shouldn’t call the first one that you see on the very first page of the search engines. You may want to ask around a bit and do your homework. Find agencies that specialize in your industry and see if they have a lot of experience in staffing auto dealerships. This way, you’ll have a lot of ideas about the people that you need from the start.

2. Trust the Process and Let Go

You must put your trust in them and let them know about this during the interview process. You mustn’t think of micromanaging your recruiter. Learn more about micromanaging on this site here. This way, they won’t feel pressured to hire the first person that applied to your company, which will turn out to be a bad fit.

Let them know that they have a lot of chances to prove their skills and capabilities. Some of them may even consider your company instead of the packages that you are offering if they know that they won’t work in a stressful environment.

3. Ask them about their Experience

You may have a higher turnover rate this year compared to the past. If this is the case, you can try to “pick their brains” and see the stories that they must have heard about the company. Many candidates may be honest about why they have left their previous jobs, and they will tell you about the things that didn’t sit well with them in their last career. You can talk and discuss together how you can work to retain employees and lower the turnover rate.

Working with the Right Recruiters

You may have put the time and energy into advertising that you need a recruiter. You waded through the resumes, checked references, and conducted phone interviews – and the best thing is that the right headhunter can take these things from your plate. Read more about checking references here:

They will be the ones to find the other qualified candidates for you, and they are seekers who will actively book interviews. Instead of hoping for responses after posting online, they have a way of pooling qualified candidates and calling their vast connections. They look for your desired candidates that will fill vacancies in the fastest time possible.

Rather than considering candidates who are actively looking for jobs, you may also want to interview those who are still employed with their current companies. These people are intensely focused on finding the right employees to show customers cars when things get hectic.

You may want to get salespeople with at least a year of experience because you don’t have time to train the basics. On the other hand, it’s also possible to introduce someone new to the acceptable practices that they should do and train them to become the best. Only the best recruiters can help you do these.

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