Avoid These Top Car Accident Causes

Posted by at 31 December 2018, at 21 : 42 PM

Avoid These Top Car Accident Causes

If you want to stay safe on the roads you have to avoid the most come mistakes that cause accidents. If you don’t you are putting your life and the lives of other road users at risk, and as most accidents are caused by humans, it does mean the many of them are preventable.

Don’t Be Distracted

Distracted driving is the most common cause of all accidents on the road. When a survey was taken of drivers who had admitted they were at fault, 90% of them said it was because they were distracted at the time.

Put your cell phone away until you can stop safely to look at it. Done eat or drink while you are driving or try to read a map, do your hair have a shave or do anything else that stops your concentrating 100%.

Don’t Drive When You Are Tired

Drivers fall asleep at the wheel every day, and driver fatigue is a very common cause of accidents. You should avoid driving when you are tired, and if you are on a long journey, take regular breaks to keep you alert. It is even better if you can share the driving on a longer trip, and then you can rest properly in between your turns at the wheel.

Avoid These Top Car Accident Causes

Don’t Drive Too Fast

Speeding is the second most common cause of accidents in the US, and if cars do collide at speed the damage to the drivers and passengers will be much worse, if they survive. Unfortunately, you will always get drivers exceeding the speed limits and if you are injured in an accident of this sort, you’re the consequences could be life-changing.

Don’t Drink And Drive

No matter how much police campaigns and the media try to press this point home, there are still people who drive after consuming alcohol. If you don’t want to end up Googling DUI lawyer near me, or worse still, ending up in hospital or injuring others, you will not be one of the drivers that do this. If you drink, take a cab.

Drugs can be just as bad. Even some over the counter drugs have warnings on them not to drive, which people totally ignore. If your mind is not 100% alert when you get behind the wheel, you should use a taxi or ask a friend for a lift.

Don’t Drive Too Close

Driving too close to the vehicle in front of you can have fatal consequences. If they have to brake suddenly, you might not have the time to stop and will smash into the back of them. As the person from behind, you will be held responsible for any repair bills to both your car and the vehicle you hit. But worse than that, if you were moving at any speed, you could shunt their car into the one in front of that and basically cause a pile-up of cars.

You need to drive as safely as you can if you do not want to be one of the statistics for road accidents. Always read road signs, don’t jump red lights, drive to the weather conditions and finally, always make sure your car is in good order before taking in on the road.

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