Toyota Highlander brutally crashed into house twice

Posted by at 11 April 2013, at 17 : 03 PM

Toyota Highlander brutally crashed into house twice

A lot of strange car crashes happen almost everyday. Some happen because of bad driving skills, like for example a Ferrari 458 Spider crashed. Some because of bad weather. Some happen because of stupid driver mistakes or because of driving way too fast. Sure not everyday someone manages to crash straight into a house, and to do that twice in a row, it is kind of rare.

I am pretty sure most of you have heard or seen on some videos how some cars just drive straight into a shop and some other ridiculous things about car crashes. Sure not the first time someone crashes straight into a house as well (at least they do it once mostly).

This time, a security camera catches some pretty interesting moment of its daily routine (which is filming the same spot everyday). Video description claims that this car was driven by a woman and an electronic throttle control somehow got stuck but who knows what really happened. As you can see from a video below, it looks like some drunk driver was driving this car, but at this point it seems that it’s not the case. The driver was a woman, but it doesn’t mean that it happened because it was a woman. If it really was that the throttle pedal got stuck, it was not the driver’s fault, was it?

Later, when they checked the car, Toyota responded that no evidence of any sort of manufacturing or design defect was found on this car. So how this really happened? I guess only the driver knows the truth, either it was a lie that the throttle pedal got stuck or it really got stuck. Only she knows the truth.

The car and the house took a lot of damage because of the accident. There was another car inside the house and it got wrecked pretty badly as well.

Check out the video below and see by yourself this ridiculous accident.

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