Meanwhile in USA: One of the most epic road rage failures

Posted by at 29 March 2014, at 18 : 47 PM

Meanwhile in USA: One of the most epic road rage failures

When you drive your car on public roads, you should drive like a normal person. But what this “normal person” means? It means that you shouldn’t be acting like some moron on the road. That “moron” usually means – driving way too fast most of the time, showing bad gestures to other drivers, starting road rages, and so on…

Road rage often leads to car crashes and all kind of other incidents on the road. This time, an angry driver who has caused this road rage, tasted his own medicine. And trust me, it probably tasted really bad. 😀

Some people always drive like crazy. Some get away without any failures, others just aren’t that lucky. The ones that aren’t lucky, usually receive a winning prize which normally is an invisible badge called, “moron of the day”. Today, our winner of that badge is some guy from Florida, USA, who has crashed his vehicle because of his own road rage.

Check out the video below and see it by yourself. The fun part is at the end of this video.

This road rage incident happened a few days ago in Florida, USA. A woman was driving her car on a public road and a guy with a truck started road rage. The woman filmed everything with her iphone.

Thanks to this woman, now, we have here really an entertaining video which was really fun to watch. 😀

Don’t act like a moron on the road. Always drive like a normal person unless you want to win our special prize (you know how it’s called).

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