What Are Some Ways to Use Your Car More Efficiently?

Posted by at 25 April 2022, at 07 : 49 AM

What Are Some Ways to Use Your Car More Efficiently?

The cost of fuel at the pumps is at an all-time high, and with no sign of it coming down any time soon, it’s time to make savings wherever you can. If you’re still driving a combustion engine, there are ways to reduce your fuel consumption and make your vehicle more efficient overall.

Driving Style

Regardless of your vehicle’s fuel consumption, the way you drive has an influence on how much fuel you burn up on the road, which /directly correlates with how much you put in the tank. With gas and oil prices at an all-time high, it makes sense to adapt your driving style to save dough.

When it comes to adapting your driving style to save money, smoother is always better. First, warm the engine to operating temperature and maintain this stasis, but in general, you need to avoid quick starts, hard braking, and rapid acceleration, all of which burn fuel and waste money.

Speed Limits

Speed limits serve a number of purposes, they exist to keep pedestrians and drivers safe, of course, but they serve another purpose too. Driving within the speed limit helps to reduce your vehicle’s fuel consumption, especially if you can manage to drive in the highest possible gear.

Acceleration and high speed is the leading cause of excessive fuel consumption, so keep your right foot light on the pedal and observe the road signs. Additionally, you will want to move up the gears as fast as possible. High gears reduce the revs and engine speed which saves fuel.

Car Insurance

Fuel consumption and fuel efficiency isn’t the only thing to consider when you want to use your car more economically; your car insurance counts too. Most people take out annual car insurance and pay a fixed fee. This insurance renews, and you’re comfortable with the price.

But what if there was a better way? More and more vehicle owners are now switching to pay per mile insurance that only charges you for the miles you drive. On average, car owners can save around 47% on their car insurance by optimizing it for their specific driving habits in the year.

Tire Pressure

It might not seem like a radical concern, but tire pressure can have a big impact on your vehicle’s fuel consumption. Car tires lose air through osmosis, that’s when the air seeps out from the rubber over time, but tires can also lose air dues to temperature changes and damage.

It’s easy to forget about your tires, but the pressure should be checked regularly, especially when the weather changes and the seasons turn. Check the owner’s manual for exact tire pressures and work with these. Remember, tire pressure is consistent with the general load.

Route Planning

Needless to say, planning your route prevents wasted fuel and helps to save you money at the pumps. A planned trip means there is less chance of detours; additionally, a planned trip means you can take a round trip when the vehicle’s engine is warm, which helps to reduce fuel usage.

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