When should you work for Uber?

Posted by at 9 May 2017, at 20 : 36 PM

When should you work for Uber?

Driving can be one hectic job to do, but you have to get it done no matter what. For this reason, Uber drivers have got a trick to earn money as well as to work without a tiring job. How can this be possible? When you go about learning strategies to work in Uber business, the first and foremost point you will find will be on ‘timings.’ Time plays an important role when you are into this business. Now, the question arises as to when you should be working for Uber?


Talking about time and Uber, first of all, you should understand the people residing in your city. The place where you live in also affects your timings. Commonly, people tend to work in morning hours until evening. They return home to go out again to meet their friends for a drink. This is the most common routine adapted by people in the United States. You can choose the morning slot from 6 AM to 9 AM. Or if it is not feasible for you, then, you can go for an evening shift from 4 PM to 7 PM. In these slots, you will only find office going people.


Hardly any person stays in when it’s weekend. You will find everyone enjoying in clubs or pubs, partying till they are drunk. If you have selected your days in Thursday to Saturday, then, an evening or night hours are best for you. Drivers are going to find more rides from 9 PM to 3 AM. This is among the best times to work Uber. This is considered as the peak time for citizens to go out.


Airports are another spot for effective earning in Uber. This place also has some best times to work Uber. People tend to take flights in the daytime. Similarly, they will find more conveyances in this time slot. Therefore, if you are choosing airport as your spot, then, go for night shifts. Passengers who take night flights are likely to choose the first driver they receive. Second reason to choose night hours at airports is that its fares are higher than on any other time.

Surge hours

These hours include times when there are more riders than usual while the number of drivers is less. In such a case, Uber pricing is changed in a way that riders are being charged more. Since there are a limited number of drivers available, riders will not have the choice to negotiate with the price. Instead, they will either agree with the given cost, or they will have to wait until they get another driver (depending on their luck). So basically, surge hours are effective to let you earn more money while working less. The only drawback here will be traffic. Drivers will have to compromise on killing their time in traffic.

The time mentioned above slots will be helpful for you if you want to earn more money.

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