Where to buy a used van

Posted by at 29 May 2013, at 16 : 37 PM

Where to buy a used van

Vans are part of the backbone of Britain; making sure goods and deliveries are constantly on the move across the UK. There are over three million registered vans on the UK’s roads, which is up ten per cent on ten years ago. This has led to the market for used vans thriving with plenty of people trying to get in on the deal. The Road Traffic Act makes it illegal for anyone to sell a van that it is not roadworthy, unless it is made abundantly clear that it is only fit for scrap; but it doesn’t stop people trying. Here are two ways to ensure wherever you buy your used van that you get the right deal without any nasty surprises:

Buying from a Dealership

Dealerships represent the safest way to buy a used van due to a certain amount of legal protection. All vans sold by dealerships must be of a ‘satisfactory condition’. This does not cover everyday wear and tear, but means that dealers cannot offload a vehicle with serious defects to an unsuspecting customer.

Moreover, all registered dealers should be members of trade associations, such as the Retail Motor Industry Foundation, and bound to working under a code of conduct. This means that if you are unhappy with your van, and the dealer refuses to take it back, you can contact organisations, such as Trading Standards, to take the complaint forward on your behalf.

As legitimate businesses, dealerships will often have the first pick of high quality used vans and the ability to offer comprehensive warranties to all customers. A lot of dealerships will also offer park-exchange schemes that allow customers to trade in their old van to cut the upfront costs of upgrading their vehicle.

Buying Privately

This is a far riskier way of buying a used van, but the rewards can be great. Private sellers are often looking for a quick sale, with discounts for cash, so there are big bargains to be found; if you ensure that you follow a few rules and don’t cut corners:
• Check the seller’s identification
• Always meet at the seller’s home and find proof that they are reside there permanently
• Look through registered paperwork and ensure it matches up with the van’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
• Ask for the full MOT and service history to find any hidden issues

Remember, a private seller’s only legal obligation is to advertise the van accurately, so beware.

Used vans are easy to find online, just make sure that you know what you’re buying and who you are getting it from.

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