Looking At Your First DUI: Here’s How To Get Out Of It

Posted by at 14 December 2016, at 14 : 04 PM

Looking At Your First DUI: Here’s How To Get Out Of It

Getting slapped with a DUI can be a big deal. If this is your second or third, you may face a hefty fine, time in jail, and could even end up losing your license. Things aren’t much rosier if the DUI is your first, but you will be likely to get away with just the fine. Unfortunately, the charge is going to stick to your personal record, and you may even have to declare it to future employers.

But is there anything you can do to get out of this charge? We looked into what you can do to make the effects of a first-time DUI less destructive on your life.

Looking At Your First DUI: Here's How To Get Out Of It

Think Carefully About Your Options

Many people panic once they have been charged with a first-time DUI. However, it is very important to remember that all is not lost. After all, even if you failed the blood or breathalyzer tests, there is still a chance that you may not be found guilty. There are many reasons why the test results may be incorrect. For instance, the machines and equipment may be faulty. Drink drive laws are extremely complicated, and there are various reasons why you may still be declared innocent even if you were drunk behind the wheel. Your DUI lawyers will be able to explain your options to you, and they will figure out the best grounds in which to fight your case.

Looking At Your First DUI: Here's How To Get Out Of It

Don’t Just Plead Guilty

Because there are various reasons why you may be found not guilty even if you were found drunk behind the wheel, you may not have to plead guilty. Therefore, it is very important that you speak to lawyers and attorneys who have an extensive knowledge of dealing with DUI cases. They may know certain details that will help you get out of the charge. For this reason, it is important that you don’t plead guilty until you speak to your lawyer. They will tell you the best plea for your situation.

Consider Your Best Defense

As previously mentioned, there are various reasons why you may be able to get out of your DUI. The main ones are usually faulty testing equipment and police mistakes. If you believe that one of these scenarios happened during your arrest, then, you need to think of certain arguments that you can use in court to help fight the charge. Your lawyer should be able to help you come up with the necessary arguments.

Looking At Your First DUI: Here's How To Get Out Of It

Don’t Get On The Wrong Side Of The Law During Probation

Generally speaking, most judges will suspend the jail sentence for all first-time DUI cases. However, even though you don’t have to go to jail, you will still go through a probation period. During this time, the police will keep a very close eye on you. It is very important that you do not commit any crimes during this time. Even the most minor of offense can end up in you being taken into custody and, in certain situations, you could end up being served a jail sentence.

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