How To Keep Yourself And Others Safe On The Road

Posted by at 24 August 2019, at 12 : 36 PM

How To Keep Yourself And Others Safe On The Road

Being at the wheel of a car is a huge responsibility. You are responsible for your own life and safety, as well as any passengers you may have in your vehicle. In addition to this, you are keeping every other road user or pedestrian that is passing by, safe.

It sounds like a lot to be worried about. However, you should not be concerned as long as you follow a few basic safety precautions and ensure that you always keep in good driving habits.

It doesn’t matter how long you have been driving, or how clean or accident-free your record is. Everyone is at risk of causing an accident if they do not follow the necessary precautions and practice safe driving.

With more and more cars on the road each year, there are a more significant number of risks. And nobody wants to have to deal with an accident attorney after your own mistake, or someone else’s.

Concentrate On The Road, And Be Observant

You should have one focus when you are driving, and that is on your surroundings. This means looking at the cars that are in front of you, those behind you. You need to be aware of people who may step out into the road from the sidewalk at any moment, so keep an eye there. You’ll need to look for hazards, or things that are not generally in the road. Parked cars can even prove to be a problem if they are in an unsafe area. A momentary lapse in your attention could result in an accident.

Having your wits about you does not mean that other drivers will be paying full attention though. Therefore, keeping yourself safe will mean always being ready to react to any situation immediately. Hazards can appear in a split second, and you may have even less time to perform an emergency stop or maneuver to safety.

Using Phones While Driving

Keeping your attention on your driving means that you should not use mobile phones or other devices when you are driving. Generally, using a phone while driving is prohibited in many countries, however handsfree options are available. Make sure that if you are using a Bluetooth device, you don’t have to do anything that will take your attention away from the road.

If you need to take a phone call when you are out and about in your car, you should pull over when it is safe to do so. Stopping to take the call whenever your phone goes off, may put your life and those of other road users at risk. It is not worth taking a chance.

Use Your Indicators

Staying safe when you are on the road means being a courteous and thoughtful driver. One of the best ways that you can exercise this skill is to indicate exactly what you plan to do as you are driving. If you intend to turn a corner, make sure you allow enough time for those around you to react to this before you do it. Using your indicators early, before you start to slow down, will give people enough warning to prepare.

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