5 Great Reasons To Get A Dashcam

Posted by at 31 March 2020, at 07 : 47 AM

5 Great Reasons To Get A Dashcam

Dashcams have become incredibly popular in recent years. In fact, it’s thought that one in four drivers now uses a dashcam.

They’re also getting a lot more affordable. In fact, there are many models on the market for less than $20.

So why get a dashcam? Here are just five great reasons to buy yourself one of these driving gadgets.

Record footage of road trips

If you enjoy going on road trips, a dash cam could allow you to record the sights and sounds of each journey. It’s particularly useful for solo journeys when you may not have a passenger to record footage. It could also ensure that you capture all those unexpected moments that a passenger may not be quick enough to get their camera out for.

Protect yourself in an accident

Dashcams can also be useful in an accident if you need to provide evidence to an insurer. Dashcam footage could also come in use if you need to hire a car accident attorney to make a personal injury claim. The video footage could show indisputable evidence that the other driver was at fault so that you’re guaranteed the compensation you deserve. On top of protecting yourself in an accident, you may also be able to protect others in a similar way if you happen to witness an accident up ahead.

Protect yourself against false allegations

There could also be times when you’ve been accused of causing an accident that you know wasn’t your fault. In these cases, dashcam footage could help you defend your case. Other allegations could also be proven wrong by recording dashcam footage such as being given a speeding ticket or parking fine when you know you weren’t in that location (footage could show that you were driving somewhere else at a particular time, proving that your number plate may have been cloned).

Capture evidence of others’ dangerous driving

For those times when you witness dangerous driving but aren’t able to make a note of the driver’s number plate, dashcam footage can be very useful. Not only will you capture their number plate, but you’ll also capture evidence of their driving behaviour, which could prove useful to the police if you decide you want to press charges.

Monitor other people using your car

Need to let someone else drive your car, but not sure that you trust them to drive sensibly? A dashcam could prove useful in these situations too. In fact, many parents are now using dashcams to monitor their kids’ driving. If they have a habit of speeding or driving in places that they shouldn’t be driving, a dashcam could discourage them from such behaviour, ensuring that you child stays safe and that your car isn’t damaged. Similarly, if you share your vehicle with an employee, a dashcam could be used to encourage your employee to only use the vehicle for business purposes and to drive sensibly (which could be important if you’ve got branding on the side of your vehicle and want to protect your reputation).

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