Adding Luxury To Your Car Ownership Life: The Models To Give You That Status

Posted by at 28 August 2019, at 13 : 51 PM

Adding Luxury To Your Car Ownership Life: The Models To Give You That Status

When it comes to car ownership, many of us would like a vehicle on the drive that can express how well we are doing in life right now. A new job or something that pays well may mean that you are finally in a position in your life to own a car that gives you a little bit of status, and most importantly, pride. So what vehicles should you consider? Here are a few suggestions.

Nissan 350z

When you want something that is going to scream a little luxury, but doesn’t have to cost you the absolute earth to get it, this is when the Nissan 350z model could be the one. There are of course newer models out there, but the Z-Line range in the Nissan is always going to be a firm favourite with car enthusiasts. 2 seats, 2 doors, a fast engine and luxurious looks, there really isn’t more that you could want. Sometimes with cars like these, there is the worry that there is going to be a big cost and expense when it comes to parts, But if you know where to look, you can pick up at alternatives such as getting considering a test pipe is a cheap upgrade or looking online at other platforms where second hand parts or alternatives are offered up. However, if you want to feel a buzz behind the wheel this one could be for you.

Audi TT

When it comes to cars that you want to give you that bold feeling, then the Audi TT could be the idea vehicle for you. Again sticking with the 2 seats and 2 doors, this car can have it all. It is an iconic one on the road, and the best part is that the shape and overall look hasn’t differed massively over the years. Which means you can pick up a bargain one with low mileage, add your own personal plate, and people will be none the wiser when it comes to the age of the vehicle. Audi is considered to be a prestige manufacturer, so it could be the ideal option to consider when it comes to a luxurious sports vehicle.

Ford Mustang

There is one iconic car that was a beauty back in the day, and thanks to Ford releasing the new model, you can enjoy it all over again. The Ford Mustang was once a 2 seater sports car, but these days you can buy it with seats in the back to make it an affordable and luxurious sports car that’s very practical as well. The engine, the badge, the look is still very similar to the one back in the 60’s and 70’s but it has more modern features now that gives it the luxurious feel on the road.


Finally, the last suggestion would be to look towards the German manufacturers once more and to consider a BMW. It has long been a prestige manufacturer, but if you want a sports car that has agility and style then the Z4 could be the one for you. You can get soft top and hardtop options, and the two seats gives you that ultimate sports car feel. Again the shape and look hasn’t massively changed over the years so you can pick up a used one that still looks and feels the part.

Let’s hope this has given you some inspiration for sports cars to consider for your next car purchase.

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