Are We Taking Driving For Granted?

Posted by at 28 August 2019, at 13 : 40 PM

Are We Taking Driving For Granted?

There are two big things in life that we think signal freedom. The first is driving, and the second is moving out and getting your own place. Driving usually happens when you’re in school, or maybe a few years after. It’s rare that people wait until their 20’s to start driving, simply because it’s one of those things that people are so excited to get into, and actually pressured into. When you came up to the age where you could start learning to drive, and so many other people around you were, it becomes this race to see who can pass first. Your parents will no doubt have pushed you towards it too. So once you go through all of that pressure to begin learning how to drive, and you finally get on the roads and experience that taste of freedom that you’ve been waiting so long for, you start to take it for granted. We race around on the roads from one place to another, and can’t help but moan about all of the things that driving brings with it, especially traffic. So, we’re going to try and show you some of the reasons why you might be taking driving for granted, some of the things you need to be focusing on, and what you can do to improve your driving experience.

The Roads Rule Us

If you think that the roads don’t rule you, then you’re definitely mistaken. The moment you step out the door and get into your car, the roads are ruling you. And it’s the roads that are one of the reasons why we’re taking driving for granted each year. There are new changes to the way that we should be driving that seem to be coming in all of the time, meaning that people are getting stung with tickets and points to their licence that they weren’t expecting. So for example, one way that so many people get caught out, is by a new speed camera being put in place, or by the speed limit change. But that’s just one of the ways the roads rule us. We become so lazy with the way that we drive, and we expect everything to be the same as it would always be, that we don’t actually look out for changes in the road. So if it was not a speeding fine, it could be something much worse. It could be the fact that you’re driving along not really paying attention, and someone pulls out on you. What we’re trying to say, is that we take driving for granted in the sense that we think we know what’s going on, until something happens to show us that the roads really do rule us. You need to make sure that you’re always paying attention to what’s going on in front of you, and what might be changing about the roads!

We Take Each Drive For Granted

Everytime that you step out of the house, you’re taking the drive that you’re about to have for granted. You can never be too sure as to whether you’re going to make it to the destination in one piece, and then make it home again. It’s so risky, yet we take this for granted. All it takes is for you to lose your concentration for a minute, or for you to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and be at the hands of someone else who isn’t concentrating. So you need to have a plan of action for if anything does go wrong, because one of the biggest mistakes that people make, is not having a clue what to do when an accident happens. Being in a car accident can just shock you that much, that it takes a few days to get the right wheels in motion in terms of legal help. The first thing people do is contact their insurance, when legal help is going to play just as big of a part, especially if there were injuries involved. But the main thing that you need to try and do is steer clear of any scenarios that might put you in danger. Not sticking to the speed limits, being on your phone, having a car full of distractions. They’re all things that could point you right towards an accident, and if you ever are involved in one at the hands of someone else, it’s most likely going to be because they’re doing one of those things!

Getting More Enjoyment Out Of It

If there’s one common complaint that we all make, it’s that driving is boring. It literally becomes a means to an end, and once the novelty wears off after the first few months of driving, it actually becomes a chore. But that’s only because most of the time we pick the boring routes because they’re quicker, or we spend half of the time stuck in traffic. So make your version of driving a little more fun, by first picking the scenic route wherever you go on trips. Don’t think about going on the motorway for speed, think about the route with winding twisting lanes, and beautiful views. Then, if you’re really looking to mix things up a bit and get excited, you could think about doing something like a track day. They’re so much fun, and they really do show you a side to driving that you might not have had before. The more you stick to the normal boring daily commute, the more boring life is going to be!

The Things To Be Really Wary Of

The main thing to really be wary of, is the rising price in the cost of driving. From fuel to actually purchasing a good working car, it all seems to be on the rise, so much so that people are taking their cars off the road. Always make sure you’re doing the necessary drives, and don’t be afraid of one big investment into a nice new car, rather than keep putting money into an older one!

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