Automobile Extended Warranty Guide

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Automobile Extended Warranty Guide

Manufacturers provide warranties to all vehicles during the time of purchase. Warranty coverage is applicable to all the major components of the vehicle. Usually the original warranty is valid up to a period of 3 years or 36000 miles from the date of purchase of the new vehicle from the manufacturer. After the lapse of the original warranty, the repair and damage charges have to be borne by the customer only. On expiry of the original warranty extended warranty may prove to be helpful. Extended warranty is merely a service contract between the company and the owner of the vehicle.

The warranty company will bear the expenses for the repair and damage of the vehicle up to the specified period of time mentioned in the contract. Extended warranty plays the role of health insurance for the new vehicles. This particular warranty acts as preventive and protective measure from incurring unforeseen repair expenses by the owner of the vehicle.

Automobile extended warranty is mainly divided in to two types. The extended warranty provided by the manufacturer of the vehicle comes under the first category. The warranty extended by the third party companies falls under the second category. Authorized dealer of the vehicle manufacturer can help in the purchase of the extended warranty. The vehicle has to be taken to the dealer in case of repairs or damages. Based on the contract plans, the vehicle has to be taken either to the dealer or to the repair facility that has been certified.

A new vehicle does not require extended warranty after the lapse of the original warranty. If there are plans to retain the vehicle for a few longer years, extended warranty might prove to be beneficial to the owner. Duplication of the warranty coverage is not essential.

In case of second hand vehicles, extended warranties may be furnished to the owner. The reliability of the automobiles must be assessed before the purchase of extended warranty. Reliable models are not in need of extended warranty services since unexpected problems do not crop up suddenly. Proper maintenance of the reputed vehicle yields better benefits than services extended by the warranties in case of repair and damage. Some parts of the vehicle prove to be very expensive during the time of replacement. Extended warranty will be beneficial to the owner. If the vehicles does not suffer any repair or damage during the extended warranty period, the money paid to the company may prove to be a waste. So the condition of the vehicle is the main deciding factor before going in for extended warranties.

Some of the additional advantages enjoyed during the extended warranty period are towing hired payments and discounts on the vehicles. The extended warranty plans provided by the manufacturer can be effectively used but the rates are not economical. Care and caution must be exercised before purchasing extended warranty. Companies that have an established reputation will be beneficial to the customers to enjoy the services during extended warranty period.

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